Thursday, 30 June 2011

Forthcoming Events

Ahoy there my lovelies

The LRM will be setting sail to magical lands this Sunday - July 3rd - as it's first Sunday of course. That's no surprise (although our destination will be). One of the things I love about The LRM is the way it ebbs and flows; people free to come and go and still being a treasured part of the collective.

In an unprecedented move due to popular demand (a phrase I have never, ever been able truthfully to type before) I have done a wee bit of forward planning and can publish our first ever events diary. It also features another first; a repeat of a previous expedition due to the amazing response to our modernist heroines tour.

July's First Sunday Derive - one of our regular explorations of the city, playing out on the street and looking at Manchester in a different way. This month we will be focusing on music, sound and memory. This Sunday, July 3rd 3pm meeting at the memorial tree in Piccadilly Gardens. (Don't forget the awesome ancoats peeps tours happening all weekend too)

Manchester Modernist Heroines - this walk celebrates the stories of ten inspiration women who shaped the 20th century city but whose achievements are overlooked by the history books. Saturday July 23rd 2pm; unlike our other events this one is ticketed so please book your ticket here If its full please register anyway or leave a comment so I can gauge the appetite for another walk. This is a repeat of the previous event which is - thrillingly and- back by popular demand. Part of an ongoing project with our friends at where you can download a copy of the accompanying 'zine which collates work from a range of contributors

Drinking in the City - this tour looks at the impact of alchohol on the streets, telling tales of Manchester's lost pubs, prohibition, moral panics, class struggles, romantic liasions, famous raconteurs and comedy encounters facilitated by booze. Will end in a pub, of course! Starts Sunday September 2nd, 2pm at Piccadilly Gardens

Chris Mills - hooray! one of our very favourite musicians is back in manchester for a very special gig. With special guests and copious amounts of cake. September 9th at The Britons Protection tickets £5

Security, Freedom and Fun - this walk will focus on what makes us feel safe; what features have been designed into the city to keep us secure and whether the price we pay for this is too high - what are the real threats to Manchester and what limits should be set on freedom? October Sunday 2nd, time tbc

The September and October events are a collaboration with the rather wonderful Manchester Mule

I hope to see you playing on the streets with us, everyone is welcome and all our walks are free (how could we put a price on wandering the streets?)

For more details please email or follow us on twitter @thelrm

Love and golden apples

Morag xx

ps pictures used are mostly random snaps from my wanderings

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