Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Mapping Dangerous Spaces

An interesting symposium in that london on june 1st

flyer: http://www.kent.ac.uk/sspssr/events/mds/mapping-dangeous-spaces-cpf.pdf
programme: http://www.kent.ac.uk/sspssr/events/mds/mapping-dangerous-spaces.pdf

yes, its next monday.... and i still havent finished my paper.... here's my abstract....

Getting Lost in Manchester

Abstract by Morag Rose

The LRM (Loiterers Resistance Movement) is a Manchester based collective of artists, academics and activists interested in psychogeography and public space.

In June 2008 we facilitated Get Lost, the de facto fringe festival for MMU’s TRIP (Territories Reimagined: International Perspectives) conference. The month long programme included walks, talks and artistic interventions aimed at engaging communities in exploring Manchester.

This bought us into conflict with Cityco, the quango who manage Manchester City Centre. They claimed we were a health and safety risk to the public and needed £2million insurance to be allowed on the streets. Furthermore they threatened us with arrest for criminal damage, expressed concern we may encourage homeless people into the city, told artists they needed a license to ask questions and warned of the sinister implications of our public critique on CCTV. We challenged their arguments with relish....

This paper explores the obstacles encountered and places them in the context of Manchester’s post bomb neoliberal redevelopment. Increased surveillance and restrictions are imposed as a result of the agenda to create a clean and “safe” city for consumers. It provides a clear and alarming example of the conflicts between civil liberty, state bureaucracy and capitalism as it addresses why playing in the city become so subversive

Theres lots more interesting stuff there too. Please come and say hi if you're in the vicinity. I'm rather amused the programme gives me a totally made up job title - i guess loiterer isnt enough for some folk.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

i went to sheffield yesterday and was struck by how it the most clearly signposted english city i can think of. maps about every five minutes walk apart and many arrows pointing towards the heart of the city. what does this mean for loitering in south yorkshire? hmmm. anyway i was on a quest to see my favourite band in the world - the handsome family - and tonight they will be playing in manchester, at the ruby lounge. its not stricly psychogeographical, although they do conjour up magical realms, but i can't quite put into words how much i love them. come to the gig, it will be ace.... x

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


MAY 15th 8.00pm

Manchester has a fine tradition of orators, thinkers, dreamers, dissidents, mavericks and mischief makers of all sorts – ours is a city full of art and magic and fury and ACTION.
The LRM want to revive our cities proud tradition of street corner revolutionaries and reclaiming public space for discussion and debate

Our speakers corner will be materialising this Friday thanks to Single Cells audacious Guerrilla Busking spectacular (part of Futuresonic and more details can be found here http://www.singlecell.co.uk/ )

Step up and have your say… share a bright idea or a burning desire …demonstrate your mastery of polemic and help us start to set the world to rights

Please come and find us 7.30pm in The Britons Protection – we’ll be moving out in the open for 8.00pm

For more information and to guarantee your voice will be heard please email loiter@hepzombie.co.uk or text 079749 29589

A message from MCC

MCC Launches On Thurs 14th May with an event as part of the Futuresonic fringe

Their splendid byeline is 'Art and Labour's Cause is One' Walter Crane, The New Era

They say "Collective creative community is both an on-line portal that connects artists and a physical space ‘collective hub’. MCC will exist to encourage collective ideas"

They are meeting Outside Urbis 10.00pm for a "Sky Lantern Lit Recession Procession" to the party venue. R.S.V.P please by email to m.rainey@urbis.org.uk - there's guaranteed entry with food to the launch event on the night for all reserved places.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Many thanks to everyone who made the bank holiday weekend truly awesome, as ever i am going to say reports will appear soon and mean it sincerley but then get caught up in something else...i had fancied a wee break now as i'm tired but the news that manchester is to be the site of the ID cards pilot is truly insightment not to sleep.

this weekend there is a rather charming pro-capitalist march for anyone who fancies getting dressed up for a bit of situationist inspired mischief - have fun and cheer macdonalds on very loudly for me if you get there http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/manchester/2009/04/428242.html

Friday, 1 May 2009

May Day Minifest: Loiterers of the World Unite!

Dear friends, faeries and fellow loiterers

I hope this finds you in a good place. I just wanted to send you a quick reminder of our May Day Bank Holiday shennanigans

Tomorrow is the Great Urban Fox Hunt – a giant game of hide and seek – more details are below, please let me know if you want to join in as there is, unusually for The LRM, A Plan. Not a route, of course that would be silly, but we do indeed have A Plan. Incidentally case anyone is in any doubt WE ARE NOT HARMING ANY ANIMALS. Hunters are scum. Loitering hurts noone and leaves no trace save the ephemeral nature of our stories

I am also very excited about Bank Holiday Monday May 4th; One of my all time favourite musicians the wonderful Chris Mills will be playing a special concert live in my living room…. Wooohoooh…. support will come from the splendid Quiet Loner …. High quality entertainment guaranteed The party is on May 4th (Bank Holiday Monday) from 6pm; the music will be done by 10pm because of buses and work and suchlike.

There will, of course, be scrummy cake and lots of tea but please bring your own booze. A proverbial hat will be passed round to pay for the artists so please be generous. If you need the address or more information just holler. Please RSVP if possible so I know how much cake to make

Of course between Saturday and Monday lies the first Sunday of the month, our traditional day to gather. It’s wonderful going for a walk with people; my heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who has ever joined in with one of our derives. It truly wouldn’t be the same without you.
However, loitering is not to be confined to first Sundays and it does not require company; indeed some delicacy and discretion can be lost in the crowd. Sometimes the chatter and the bustle, no matter how inspiring, can drown out the daydream and scare away the imaginary realm. Loitering is truly a state of mind that we can all master; I don’t want to tell you where to go and if I try then please, don’t listen to me.

Bearing all this in mind I humbly suggest this months first Sunday derive should be a DIY affair. Please don’t think me rude or lazy for suggesting this, although to be frank I think I’ll need some solitude and rest in between two amazing and gregarious encounters.

I’m rather taken with the idea of the city, indeed the world (hello Steffi synchronising with us in Bonn) being full of disparate flaneurs all united even in their isolation. The theme I shall be focusing on with my personal meander is nature; it’s so abundant and beautiful at the moment as finally celebrate Beltaine.

The canal seems a good place to start; it’s biodiversity is breathtaking and water always makes me feel calm. If you choose to go on a walk please share a few words for the blog or a picture for flicker. If you don’t fancy a stroll Subversive Spaces finishes its tenure at the Whitworth on Monday; it’s highly recommended.

I hope to see you Monday or Saturday or indeed we may even collide on Sunday; serendipity is a curious thing

With love and guitars

Morag x

THIS WEEKEND minifesto

Don't forget the amazingly splendid house gig / party extravaganza on monday

sundays derive will be a DIY affair - watch this space for details

Tomorrow is of course the great urban fox hunt, instructions below....

Dear loiterer

Thank you for signing up for the great LRM urban fox hunt. Here are your rules of engagement

If anything is unclear please call / text 07974929589 for clarification, also please use this number if you have to leave the game early or cancel (just so we don’t spend ages looking for you when we never stood a chance!)

At 2pm hunters must be at their designated, unique starting point (this will be sent to you in a separate email to preserve an air of mystery) They should don their high visibility jacket and begin the chase. If possible they should cry tally ho! or alternatively blow a whistle, or kazoo or other small instrument if available, although we do understand that may not be possible without alarming bystanders. Your first task is to find your fellow hunters….

Hunters must stay within the area outlined above and must be careful at all times to stay calm, courteous and mindful of the dangers of the city. Engagement with the public is encouraged but please don’t run, shout, ignore traffic or behave in a vexatious manner.

REMEMBER: If you see the fox you may not apprehend them until you have sufficient other hunters with you; 8 is the magic number when mob rule begins

When you see another hunter – identifiable of course by their jacket – the appropriate greeting is a cry of tally ho! or a note on your instrument/whistle if you have one. If your call is reciprocated you have found a kindred. How you proceed together is up to you of course but remember you can not catch a fox unless you are in a group of 8 hunters.

The fox(es) will be going about their daily business in perfectly reasonable manner. They are of course normal people, albeit sporting fluffy ears and magnificent tails; they don’t deserve persecution and can’t comprehend the hunting mentality. They will be in public view at all times; wandering feely in parks, squares, shops, cafes, galleries and generally enjoying the city. They may not hide away from the gaze eg in changing rooms or toilets.

To catch a fox they must be surrounded by a circle of 8 hunters and one must touch their tail; the fox must then surrender their tail and indeed their liberty.

At 4pm the game is over. If the fox(es) are caught much earlier we may have a second round. If any hunters or foxes are still on their own they should proceed to the library steps where will we gather to decide where to go for our post game celebrations.

I hope this makes sense! If not, or you need to collect a map or jacket please ring the hotline: 07974929589 and I’ll get the stuff to you. This is also the number to call if you get lost or confused or need any help.

Please be surreptitious and don’t wear your jacket before 2pm (unless of course you are cycling into town!) You can’t be sure who’s watching and discretion, as they say, is the best part of valour. Also, and this is very important: PLEASE RESPECT THE SPIRIT OF THE GAME AND DON’T TRY TO CONTACT OTHER HUNTERS TO TRY AND FIND THEIR STARTING POINT OR PLANS. If you know anyone else who wants to play please ask them to get in touch before 1.30pm so they can be given a location of their own.

Please remember this is an experiment and thus The LRM have no idea of the outcome although we anticipate ramshackle beauty and a glorious confusion through out our beloved city…..

I look forward to playing with you tomorrow

Love and giddy excitement

Morag x

PS The game area

Due to technological incompetence I have not been able to create an online map so it’s a DIY job I’m afraid. Here are the boundaries, walking in a clockwise direction. I suggest this map http://www.manchester.com/images/sections/travel/maps/mancmap2.gif but obviously any will do.

The bottom right point is the corner of Mossley Street and Princess Street, the line goes up John Dalton Street and then right along Deansgate till you reach Hunts Bank (nice name, yes that is deliberate) then turn down Todd Street and down Corporation Street then right along Withy Grove, skirting the outside of the Printworks and then go up Shudehill. Cross only at the traffic lights… the northern boundary is Thomas Street which isn’t marked on this map: it has Rambo’s tattoos, The Chinese Arts Centre, Odd bar and the old pink post office on it. It intersects with Oldham Street and this is the easterly edge; go down, through the middle of Piccadilly gardens and back down Mosley Street to the starting point. Perhaps its my imagination but I think the resulting shape is rather foxy, don’t you?