Thursday, 26 February 2015

March First Sunday

Hello everyone, its First March, First Sunday this Sunday and we'll be meeting at 2pm in the Cornerhouse, Oxford Road (will be downstairs somewhere but out on the street by 2.15) This will not be a nostalgia fest but an algorithmic walk which I haven't quite figured out yet! Be lovely to see you.

Also, I'm working in Sheffield at the moment and am really excited about this:

I am delighted to invite you to come out and play with Sheffield Psychogeography Action.

We aim to create a place for wanderers of all kinds - psychogeographers, walking artists, loiterers, moochers, DIY cartographers, radical map makers, mythogeographers, deep topographers, critical geographers, mobile methodologists, urban ramblers, writers, thinkers, agitators, situationists, creative mischief makers, and anyone curious about exploring Sheffield.

We will be organising regular walks, seminars and other shenanigans, and will hopefully stumble upon a more creative name as we do so. All are very welcome to join, as a new collective we hope our course will be plotted by everyone who wishes to embark on this journey with us.

Our first gathering will be on Wednesday 4th March at The Rutland Arms, Brown Street There will be a short introductory talk and then we will be off for an algorithmic walk around Sheffield. We will also be developing a web presence, but want to get out on the streets first.

Please forward this to anyone you know who may be interested and do get in touch for more information or to share any questions, comments or ideas. Please contact SPA via Morag Rose at tweet @thelrm or come and find me in the TRP post grad students office.