Thursday, 28 August 2008


Saturday 30th August

at URBIS, ground floor, between midday and 6pm

Lots of stalls full of wonderous zines and self published works as well as workshops on paper manipulation with Dans La Matin, Zines, a Radical Politics discussion Music Zines debate and possibly more alongside an exhibition of some form. Bring a zine, opinions, eyes, ideas or just some pocket money.

For more details please email

We're really excited about this and would like to send a big cheer to our inspiring zinester friends for all their hard work organizing it. The LRM will be there with a few copies of a selective history to swap for almost anything. We'll also be facilitating a couple of activities and it would be splendid if you could join us in between browsing

Radical History Tour (1-2pm)
Come for a wander with us and discover the hidden history of one of the oldest and strangest parts of Manchester. Share tales of alchemy and levitation, demons and angels, revolutionary writers, street drinkers, secret tunnels, hanging ditches, moving pubs, digital cathedrals, music, mayhem and more

DIY Map Making Workshop (3-4pm)
How did you get here? What's the city mean to you? How does it make you fee? What would you like to change… Maps have the power to control and define our landscape; an a-z misses out the glorious wonkiness of life. Lets make some DIY maps that show the view from here and spread the word - cartogography can be sexy

Glittery Love and treasury tags

Morag x

PS news of September's first Sunday coming soon and apologies for all unanswered emails and facebook messages; I've been off gallivanting but am slowly catching up…. also please forward this message to anyone who might be up for it. thanks xx

Monday, 4 August 2008


yep, i'd like to echo what sean said - it was a revelatory and magickal walk - and welcome to all the new loiterers who joined us.

i'm getting ready to go to proflux and i am thrilled but also terrified (i hate those pesky plane things, they scare me witless) but damn it: i'm crossing the ocean to host a twisted tea party that will include the premier of the manchester cake map, radical morris dancing, cross cultural ranting and assorted shenanigans. oh and maybe the return of the bench project....

i'm planning to blog about my adventures as they happen but i've still not transcribed my trip report so please don't shout if i'm tardy

love and swedish fish

morag x

ps thanks to my fairy godmother for helping me to fly and to all the pipsters who have been so encouraging - can't wait to meet up with you all xx

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Keep the Caduceus Flying

Hi all,

I'd just like to say thank you to Pegasus and Alchemy man for the excellent and informative Caduceus walk which we enjoyed today.

If anyone wants to play Spot the Occult Symbolism, I've put my photos on the Flickr group page, and Sara will follow with hers soon.

You can find them HERE!