Saturday, 13 December 2014


The LRM (Loiterers Resistance Movement) is a Manchester based collective of artists and activists interested in psychogeography, public space and the hidden stories of the city.

We can’t agree on what psychogeography means but we all like plants growing out of the side of buildings, looking at things from new angles, radical history, drinking tea and getting lost; having fun and feeling like a tourist in your home town. Gentrification, advertising and blandness make us sad. We believe there is magick in the mancunian rain.

Our city is wonderful and made for more than shopping. We want to reclaim it for play and revolutionary fun….

The LRM embark on psychogeographical drifts to decode the palimpsest of the streets, uncover hidden histories and discover the extraordinary in the mundane. We aim to nurture an awareness of everday space, (re)engaging with and (re)enchanting the city.

On the first Sunday of every month we go for a wander of some sort and we also organise occasional festivals, exhibitions, shows, spectacles, silliness and other random shenanigans. Please come and join us; everyone is welcome.

Please accept our apologies for the rather shabby nature of the blog at the moment; I am in the process of making it lovelier but I keep getting distracted, I'd so much rather be on the street than staring at a screen. I promise it will be sorted soon. In the meantime if you fancy a blether or a beer or just want to find out about what loitering can do for you please get in touch:

Twitter @thelrm
Facebook group the loiterers resistance movement

We hope to see you playing out with us soon xx

Friday, 5 December 2014

December 2014 First Sunday

Hi everyone,
Its First Sunday this Sunday - wooohoooh - and we will be meeting 3pm in the café at The People's History Museum (NOTE 3PM slightly later than usual). We'll be thinking about the past, present and future as we near Yuletide so expect some fun and games. We'll be out on the streets by 3.10 and I guess we will wander till 5ish so we can enjoy the changing quality of light. And yes, there will probably be some ranting about consumerism too....
Hope to see you soon
M xx

Thursday, 30 October 2014

November 2014 First Sunday

Hello comrades in Loitering
It's first Sunday, this Sunday, and we will be returning to the site of many significant moments in Loitering history. We've had some lovely trips to Pomona but ridiculously its five years (!) since we last made it a First Sunday destination. Please join us at St Peters Metrolink Station at 1.45, Sunday 2nd November, where we'll get the first tram after 2pm and get off at Cornbrook if anyone wants to meet us there. Please remember to wear sensible shoes and be prepared for me to talk about the mekons.
See you soon I hope
Morag x

Thursday, 2 October 2014

October 2014 First Sunday

It smells lime Autumn, a time for transformation, conkers and dazzling colours. Change is coming soon to the lrm, but first we will drift around a landscape strangely absent from our previous wanders. Meet 2pmatthe Media City metrolink stop for a Salford Quays derive. Please try and be on time, we can only promise to be in sight ofthe tram stop for 20mins or so and then who  knows where we will be? All welcome, and as ever playing out on the streets is free. Hope to see you soon.

Friday, 5 September 2014

September News

Hello everyone

First Sunday This Sunday and its going to be a rather more focused walk than the last couple of evening strolls... more details later but we'll be wandering around the senses, inspiration and hidden treasure.... meet 2pm Sunday September 7th outside Deansgate Station by the giant bicycle.

There's also a couple of other things coming up of interest.

Gothic Manchester Festival is back and even better than last time, it offers another chance for the monstrous tour concocted with the marvellous Bon Holloway

11 September is time for another Ardwick Green Heritage Celebration, it includes a histories walk of (possibly) the worlds first suburb and features dolphins, anarchists, fizzy pop and scandal.... Probably your last chance to join in as I'm leaving my job today. Details here
 (theres also a fab creative writing workshop with Michelle Green plus free cake, wine and talks)

All events are free, everyone is welcome. Just turn up on Sunday, but you need to book for Monstrous Manchester and Ardwick Green.

Hope to see you on the streets soon!

love and rage
Morag x

Friday, 8 August 2014

Library walk update

Hello dear loiterers

A quick reminder... if anyone wants to speak at the public inquiry into the stopping up order for Libray Walk in October you MUST submit a statement of intent to the Planning Inspectorate by next Tuesday, 12th August. I'm doing a post office run for guaranteed special delivery on Monday morning so if you want me to print out and send I need them by Sunday. Please let me know if you need more information about what to write, it does not have to be long and the Friends of Library Walk are here to support you (email tel 07974929589)

I've been spending far too many hours out of the sunshine learning about rights of way, public realm and crime figures but its worth it, we're getting a really strong argument together and a great deal of support. More voices are always welcome, its a chance to speak up for our civic heritage, for beauty, imagination, public space and freedom and to challenge scare mongering and dodgy consultations.

For a small ginnel sir richard considers an accident Library Walk is generating a great deal of noise! Thanks for all your support so far, and if you are on twitter please follow #savelibrarywalk

with love


Friday, 1 August 2014

august first sunday

Hello dear loiterers, August brings another time shift: our first sunday derive will actually be on wednesday 6th august meeting 6pm at the thirsty scholar on oxford road. Martin the mod is serving free ital curry 5-8 for ska night (first come, first served) so we will set of at 6.30 prompt to allow for those that want tea first. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Julys First Sunday

Hello everyone and merry July

Its First Sunday this Sunday and as previously mentioned our dérive has time shifted away into the week as I'll be be in a field somewhere listening to music and various others are drifting elsewhere too so it's time for one of our occasional week day wanders. We'll meet on Tuesday 8th July 6pm at the Sandbar on Grovesnor Street and go for an evening stroll. I hope to see you there
love Morag x

ps last month we played with game peices reclaimed from car manufacturing,. and it was a great pleasure to reclaim something to celebrate the pedestrian from the automobile. Massive thanks to John for his aquisitive powers. Like many compadres he has many interesting projects, and although its not psychogeographic if you like music I heartily recommend his website here:

pps if anyone wants to adopt a first sunday and create your own derive you would be very welcome, please get in touch with me for details of how

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Angels and demons

You may recall Steve Millington and I facilitated a walking tour of Angel Meadow as part of Manchester Histories Festival. The event was a great success, with very positive feedback and I am delighted to let you know that we are repeating the tour on 22nd June 2014. Places are once again limited and more details can be found here:

Thursday, 29 May 2014

June 2014 First Sunday: transformation

First Sunday Ahoy!

After last months rather discombobulating encounters i've got something a bit special planned for this month, an algorithmic dérive directed by a brand new game featuring peices made from cars. As we wander we'll celebrate the power of pedestrianism and our right to play on the streets....

We'll be gathering in the cafe at Manchester City Art Gallery Mosley Street, 2pm this Sunday 1st June. Everyone is welcome, if you are new just look for the pink hair and tiara. We'll set out for our wander by 2.15 so please try and be prompt, the nature of the game means I can't be sure where we will end up

Morag x

Thursday, 8 May 2014

more adwick greenery

I'm organising another Ardwick Green histories tour on May 20th due to the overwhelming popularity of previous expeditions, its not especially psychogeographical but it does explore a fascinating area which is often overlooked. It's free but places need to be booked here:

Friday, 2 May 2014

may first sunday

Dear friends and comrades in loitering
its first Sunday this Sunday! We will be going on a hunt for May Day and its various meanings from morris dancers to workera rights. Please join us 2pm at the britons protection great bridgewater street. We'll be leaving by 2.15 so please try and be punctual - I dont know where the derive will take us this month. All welcome
love and power

Friday, 4 April 2014

April 2014 First Sunday

First Sunday This Sunday! It's April and Spring has Sprung so it's time for some random shennanigans, it's going to be a chance based wander, more of a game than the tours I ran for the Histories festival so please be prepared to make your own map. We'll be exploring imaginary cities and indulging in a wee bit of time travel so please bring an open mind. This months meeting point has been chosen by Julie Campbell as an interesting space. Everyone is welcome to join us, 2pm this Sunday at Vivid Lounge 149a Great Ancoats Street. We'll set off by 2.15 and hope to discover wonderful things....

Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Walking Encyclopaedia

Today I'm on one the featured walking artists of the day on airspace gallery's blog. The walking encyclopaedia closes on Saturday, there's some brilliant artists contributing and I'm really thrilled to be in such company:

Friday, 7 March 2014

Do you remember the future?

I'm delighted to be taking part in this event, tickets are free but limited so please book

Sunday, 2 March 2014

March News UPDATE

Hi everyone MERRY FIRST SUNDAY please don't forget to walk like a zombie for Mytho Geography (details in the post below)

Also a couple of other things

1) I'm really sorry but tomorrows extra bonus loiter has had to be postponed, massive apologies

2) Manchester Histories Festival programme is now online and includes these events I'm working on:

3) THANK YOU so very much to everyone who wrote to defend the right to roam the beautiful Library Walk. We are now awaiting official confirmation of the inquiry and we need to keep a bit of powder dry - but suffice to say we know that over 70 letters were sent which far exceeds the informal trigger point according to our legal experts. So watch this space for more details and thank you all again xx

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

March 2014 First Sunday and Other News

Dear Friends

First Sunday this Sunday and it’s a rather novel event.

Rather than our usual communal dérive loiterers are invite to help further the work of one of my favourite walkers Phil Smith aka Mythogeography  I think it’s really important to acknowledge influences and say thanks to folk who inspire us so I really hope you will take part. Here’s the instructions direct from the crabman himself, please utilise them whenever and wherever you want on 2nd February

  "I am writing a chapter for an academic book on ‘zombies’ to be published by   Springer Press. My chapter is based on a very simple ‘tactic’ that I devised for Wrights & Sites’ ‘A Mis-Guide To Anywhere’ in 2006 and which I have used myself many times and given as an exercise for classes of students and others. In my chapter I want to write about the experiences people have when using this ‘tactic’. If you are interested, I would ask you to take a walk on your own (where and at what time of day is up to you) for at least half an hour. I would like you to walk ‘as’ the last human survivor of a zombie apocalypse. Everyone is now a member of the living dead other than you. I don’t want you to act out this role (fleeing the zombies, etc.) but rather simply to walk and see and experience the world through the eyes and feelings of a survivor in that fiction. When you return from this walk I would like you to write and send me an account of how you experienced your walk, and how you experienced the terrain you walked through. I would then use your reflections and those of others in writing my chapter. I might quote from your reflections in the chapter. If I did any such quotation would be an anonymous one, so I would not use your name in the chapter in any way. As a piece of academic research, and I am conducting this in my role as an Associate Professor (Reader) at Plymouth University (School of Humanities and Performing Arts), you are free at any time during the research to withdraw your participation. Should you decide to withdraw then any contribution you had made up till then would not be used after that. Thank you, again! If you decide to participate, please send any reflections on your walk to me at:"

Find out more about mythogeography here  and counter tourism also comes highly recommended

After doffing our proverbial caps on Sunday there will be an extra, bonus, loiter for those who want to be sociable on Monday night 3rd February. Meeting in the Bullshead Pub, opposite Piccadilly Railway Station at 6.15. We’ll be setting off on a wander at 6.30 probably exploring more of Mr Smiths tactics or perhaps doing something else because noone should be followed slavishly.

If you want to loiter longer in March I’m also involved in several events for Manchester Histories Festival, the programme is due to be posted online on February 28th so please check here for details:

28th February is also important to me for some none-psychogeographical reasons. I’m organising a gig at the Castle Oldham Street for one of my favourite musicians, Chris Mills and the Distant Stars with the excellent Quiet Loner and Phil Davies andtheninjasmokebombs completing a superb nights entertainment. Advance tickets have sold out but there will be some available on the door, first come, first served, from 7pm.

Finally 28th February is the deadline for letters objecting to the Stopping Up Order for Library walk, one of Manchester’s most beautiful places that the council consider to be “an accident”. This is about our fundamental right to roam the city, its about our heritage, civic amenities, spaces of beauty and imagination, protecting public space and discussing what consultation really means. Mostly, for me, its about being able to walk free from suspicion and fear through those sensuos curves. Enough letters mean we will trigger a Government Inquiry and potentially stop this nonsense so please write if you can. More details here: 

I look forward to seeing you on the street

Love and rainbows
Morag xx

Monday, 17 February 2014

Please Write a Letter to help Save Library Walk

Dear Loiterers

Some of you may recall the fight for Library Walk, one of the most precious places in Manchester (oh! those sensuous curves!) being nothing if not tenacious the fight ain't over and we have a very real chance of a public inquiry and review of the project.

Please help protect public space and a beautiful place by writing a letter.

A Stopping Up Order has been issued to close Library Walk, if a number of objections are received then an inquiry must be launched by The Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. This is an opportunity to review the whole scheme and our experienced legal team are confident we have a very strong case to present at inquiry.

If you write a letter to oppose the Stopping Up Order we can halt work and trigger an inquiry. Your letter does not have to be long but every letter will count and will help us. The deadline is tight – we have until February 28th to act – and we have been advised against writing a pro forma as letters should be individual but here is a guide to what you could say.

You need to be polite, concise and logical and make it clear you object to the stopping up order. You do not have to live in Manchester to have your voice heard. NB this is a different legal process to the planning application so any previous correspondence is not counted here, but you can of course, cut and paste from anything else you have written. I’m writing a letter on behalf of The Friends of Library Walk and am happy to send you a copy if you want to see.

YOU MUST INCLUDE your name, address and the reference L/NJM/EVD5001/1080. State that you oppose The CITY OF MANCHESTER LIBRARY WALK FOOTPATH, MANCHESTER CITY CENTRE PUBLIC PATH STOPPING UP ORDER 2014 and include your reason(s) for doing so

Reasons to object can include

1) Public Interest
Library Walk is a place of significant architectural merit, between 2 grade II* buildings in two conservation areas and has been an integral part of the city centre topography for over 80 years. Library Walk has an important function increasing the permeability of St Peters Square (which will become more popular as a result of the redevelopment). Improved access, vibrant streets and aspirations to be a 24-hour city have been key aims of recent Manchester Council policy and stopping up Library Walk conflicts with these. Library Walk is a useful and well-loved route for residents which has inspired artists and attracts tourists. Of course these are not the only reasons closure is not in the public interest so feel free to include your own.

2) Closure of Public Space
Manchester Council are seeking closure of a public space and there is a fundamental objection to this. The limited opening times can be changed in the future as once a right of way has been extinguished, it will not be public anymore and there is no power to object to variations. Incidentally the proposed opening hours are shorter than Metrolink opening hours and security should not be a consideration under The Town and Country Planning Act

3) Legal Process
We believe Manchester City Council have been acting illegally as no temporary stopping up order was granted prior to commencing work leaving them open to prosecution, The Council should be setting an example and following the law.

LETTERS MUST BE SENT TO Liz Treacy, City Solicitor, PO Box 532, Town Hall, Manchester, M60 2LA quoting reference L/NJM/EVD5001/1080

The deadline for receipt of letters is FRIDAY 28TH FEBRUARY so please act promptly. Also let The Friends of Library Walk know you have responded so we can provide evidence of widespread public support. We are working with organisations including manchester modernist society, The Open Spaces Society, The Greater Manchester Pedestrian Association and The Ramblers Association and thank you all so much for your support.

If you need any more information please contact me directly on 07974929589 or by email I’ve also got a stash of stamps and envelopes if you need them. Background information can be found at

Thanks again, and please forward this to anyone who may be interested - remember every letter can make a difference.

Best wishes

Morag Rose
Friends of Library Walk

Friday, 31 January 2014

February 2014 - an anniversary derive

Dear Friends and Comrades in Loitering

It's First Sunday This Sunday and the seventh anniversary of our monthly wanders! I am both thrilled and perplexed that we have reached this milestone and wish to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has walked with The LRM whether on the streets or in cyberspace. Our new webthingummie will be appearing this month so I'll save the critical reflection and launch straight into an invitation to join the celebrations in the most fitting way I can think of: a dérive.

We will be gathering at 2pm in John Rylands Library Cafe Deansgate on Sunday 2nd February. We'll be setting off on a treasure hunt based around a lucky seven discoveries very close to our heart....

The nature of this expedition means I have no idea where we will end up, so please try to be punctual, but we will doubtless conclude with beverages and blethering, in good time for those who wish to enjoy the new year fireworks.

It would be lovely if you could join us playing out, please holler if you need any more information (but no clues about the treasure!)

Love and golden apples
Morag x

Thursday, 2 January 2014

All welcome to the First Sunday Derive of 2014

The First Sunday of 2014 is nearly here! This year it coincides with twelth night and so we will be revisiting a few ideas beloved of The LRM; notions of the world turned upside down, of fluidity, chaos and the (non-gender specific) Lords of Misrule. So please, come dressed for the weather and prepared for leaps of imagination to rechape the streets of manchester into the city we want to play in.We'll meet outside Urbis (aka the football museum) at 2pm on Sunday 5th January. It's back to the day job afterwards so lets eek out every last drop of inspiration an joy from the festive period....
In terms of  loitering praxis 2013 was a wonderful year: It started with The Art of Walking, a 7 week course I wrote and delivered for cornerhouse which remains one of my favourite things I have done ever. There were also 4 conference papers (On Walking in Sunderland was a particular highlight of my year), 4 guest lectures for various university classes, a contribution to the group exhibition ways to escape, the monstrous manchester tour with Julian Holloway for Manchester Gothic Festival, a revised modernist heroines tour for Alternative Histories festival, the first official London loiter, I made a radio show, interviewed one of my favourite film makers at Manchester Art Gallery, curated a mini-season for trauma film club, talked about urban interventions for the urbis research forum, chaired a debate on regeneration in Manchester, got two items accepted for publication and officially became a master (sadly not The Master but my timelord dreams arent dead yet!). Blurring the lines of my day job I organised the Ardwick Green Heritage Day which explored the histories of this fascinating, and often overlooked suburb. And of course there were 12 first Sundays, all marvellous, all different and I am grateful to all who contributed to them, especially Rose Bush and Dale Meakin who facilitated derives.

So yes: heartfelt thanks to everyone who wandered with me and supported the lrm in a myriad different ways. Now: Onwards and Upwards (in a meandering way of course) and please, if anyone has any ideas for future expedititions, collaborations or other shennanigans please do get in touch. Already planned for 2014 are three events for Manchester Histories Festival, a new website, the launch of the community drone and a couple of art events...