Saturday, 31 August 2013

Septembers First Sunday

First sunday this sunday and I am hugely grateful to Dale Meakin for agreeing to guide the good ship lrm on a very special voyage. Embark 2pm on sunday at The Queen Victoria statue in piccadilly gardens for a derive based on loss "but not in a sad way". Thanks cap'n dale and sorry to miss the boat this time. Im adrift in dissertation land but will be back next month. Happy travels xxx

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Monstrous Manchester

The LRM's contribution to Manchesters Gothic Festival and i am really delighted to be working with Julian Holloway who has been a big supporter of  inspiration to us over the years

Ardwick Green Heritage Day

In another life I have a day job which i try to keep separate from my loitering.... but paths always seem to converge, diverge and blur.... and I think this will be of interest to many here so I'm sharing and outing my other (not so secret) identity

St Thomas Centre & Ardwick Green Heritage Open Day, including a semi-psychogeographical tour of the area at 2pm, films from the film archive, free tea, cake and wine and random artefacts and exhibtions about the area.

Please do come along if you can, I've been uncovering some really fascinating facts, plus we have films which include a lego version of Fort Ardwick (!) and you can watch me squirm as I try to reconcile my psychogeographical urges with the conventions of everyday employment.

If you have any juicy anecdotes or any special interest in the area please do get in touch, also we have some lovely promotional postcards if anyone wants to help distribute I'd be grateful.

Friday, 2 August 2013

August Expedition

First Sunday, This Sunday

Its the beginning of an odyssey (albeit a fragmented and occasional one) to the outer limits of the metrolink system. This month we'll be going for a mooch around Rochdale, meeting 1pm Sunday August 4th under the glorious tiled map at Victoria Station, Manchester where will then proceed to catch the next available tram. For those travelling by other methods we should be at Rochdale by 1.45 and will stay within site of the tram station until 2.00pm. If anyone is the wrong kind of lost you can call me on 07974929589 - but please try not to do so just cos yer running late as it disrupts the flow of the derive and isnt fair on punctual types.

All are welcome to join us for a drift in convivial company, we'll be seeking the soul of the city and trying to unravel some esoteric truths whilst disrupting the space-time matrix (or something).

If, rather than walking, you fancy some musical treats, due to technical issues my radio show for acoustic spectrum is being repeated tomorrow (September 3rd) at 1pm, I'll be playing some of my favourite records which I hope you enjoy.

I hope to see you on the streets soon
Love M xx