Friday, 22 March 2013

ways to escape

The ways to escape derive will start at 2220 nq tomorrow, saturday at 2pm to mark the end of the exhibition. probably the last talkie walk for a while, not least because it draws together various avenues of exploration explored recently and i feel the need to wander in new directions. All welcome xx

Friday, 1 March 2013

March Diary

 I've got loads of stuff coming up this month so putting it all in one post (mostly so I don't forget)

First Sunday this sunday 3rd march, starting 2pm Piccadilly Gardens memorial tree come and explore ways of being/seeing/doing or embark on the drinking in the city tour (finish 4pm in a NQ bar) more details in my previous post

Next Tuesday 5th March the art of walking course concludes with an expedition to which everyone is invited. Start 6.30pm outside the cornerhouse for another chance to play ways of being/seeing/doing or to join me on the ever popular manchester modernists heroine tour

I'm part of a new group exhibition Ways to Escape is at 2022 NQ 14th-23rd March and the escapist derive is will be on Saturday 23rd 2pm, starting at the gallery

Finally the manchester modernists are showing bata-ville on March 14th at Manchester Art Gallery, an excellent film, i'll be giving a short introduction and possibly talking to the directors afterwards (that bit is tbc but there wont be any skype this time i promise)

All free, all welcome. would be lovely to see folk at any or all of these and I promise at some point I will finish the new website (if anyone fancies helping with this I'd be delighted: as ever I prefer playing out on the streets to being at the computer)

glittery love
Morag xx