Monday, 10 May 2010

foxy fun this weekend

The LRM Urban Fox Hunt is a large scale game of hide and seek with added twists. Hunters must use tactics and luck to try to catch a (human) fox – please note: we are not scum, no animals will be harmed.

We first played this game last year and it was great fun (final score was one each to the foxes and the hunters) and we have been invited to run it again at Hide and Seeks Sandpit this Saturday - a large and very splendid collection of pervasive games which is part of Futureeverything.

To make it happen we need a bit of help from folk who like being silly and would be willing to take on a secret mission to make the game more exciting for everyone. Of course you are welcome to just turn up and play but I would be very grateful for your help turning this into something very special.

If you are up for the challenge shhhh don’t tell anyone (that would spoil the surprise) but please email the lrm at or call / text 07974929589 as soon as possible so I can arrange to give you the necessary information and buy you a beverage in exchange for your time.

The game itself runs 7.00pm sharp until 8.00pm this Saturday 15th May, starting at The Contact Theatre (best arrive early to be sure of a place)

Hope to see you playing out on the streets….

Love and joy
Morag x

Ps Images from The LRMs secret Manchester photo expedition are now part of an exhibition at Salford Art Gallery (below Stairs Gallery) which runs at least until 25th May, possibly till July