Thursday, 10 May 2012

loitering with the cornerhouse: 3 very special derives

Woop! I can finally go public with our 3 very special Cornerhouse Micro-Commission Walks. Details of what we will be doing - and how to book your free tickets - are here Thanks to folk who have offered to help document them, more photographers, filmers, artists etc are welcome - please pm me if you are interested in this role. I am very, very excited about this and will be blogging more details very soon Really hope to see lots of lovely loiterers on these three special days! x

Saturday, 5 May 2012

May Day, May Day First Sunday Approaching Fast

oops, lets try again with better smelling (the perils of rush posting) Dear Loiterers It is First Sunday tomorrow (6th May) and as you know we'll be going for a derive inspired by the luddites bicentenary. We'll be meeting at 1.20 by the Victoria statue in Piccadilly Gardens, we'll be heading up Oldham Street to catch a bus to Middleton 1.30 – so please be punctual. We'll be arriving in Middleton 2.00pm-ish (bus willing) and we'll get off at the bus station and head towards Wood Street. I am not very familiar with the area so its hard to be specific; any problems finding us please call 07974929589 This won't be a historical tour; more of a bimble thinking about affect, looking for resonances and a chance to share reflections and debate. We'll be exploring themes of dissent, fair labour, the meaning of work and effective forms of resistance to an oppressive state. Debates about technology – the negative impact it can have and the folly of believing in a techno-utopia are as relevant today as they were to the Luddites. We will be revisiting the site of one of their most important actions. It has long been an LRM concern that we should learn from history and respect the battles fought for us; we need to try and understand how we got here so we can work out where we want to be. And of course we need to question how we know what we think we know.... don't trust everything you read.... Luther Blisset and Enoch Taylor will be in attendance; please dress appropriately. Apologies the specific details have been somewhat sketchy up till now, I've been a tad poorly this week. Thanks to John for helping to sort this out, much appreciated. Thanks for keeping the faith in first Sunday, we will always go out to play even if its relatively short notice about exactly where and when it will always be first Sunday. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us, we merely ask you are respectful, open minded and take responsibility for your own actions and please remember the lrm is run for love, not money. The streets and its stories belong to us all. with love and rage morag xx