Friday, 30 September 2011

Octobers First Sunday

The LRM, in collaboration with The Mule, present "The architecture of fear" a wander exploring how the city is designed to make us scared.

We'll be asking questions about risk, barriers, crime, defense and trust in the shadow of the ring of s...teelStarts promptly 10am Sunday 2nd (so folk can get involved in the many fine welcoming events for the tory conference: some loiterers will be joining the TUC march and Occupy Manchester so please stay with us for the duration of the day if you wish)

I realise the early morning may be an issue so the tour will be repeated - in slightly longer, slightly darker, ending in pub for debate manner on Tuesday 4th October 7pm, Meet outside the cornerhouse both days.

All welcome, and of course the fun is free. Don't be scared, come and play - the streets belong to us all xxx