Thursday, 29 October 2009

November's First Sunday

This Sunday (1st November) meet us at 1pm outside Manchester Central Library (St. Peter's Square) for a seasonally themed walk involving a hunt for hidden treasure, Guy Fawkes and Norse gods... We'll be taking a tram to the starting point (2 stops away) so please bring some loose change.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

this sunday, 18th october

we'll be meeting 1pm by the electronic destination boards at piccadilly station for robyn's australian adventure. Apologies for lack of paragraphs in the previous email

Thursday, 15 October 2009

This sunday: manchester to perth and beyond

Dear friends, leaf lovers and loiterers

I hope you are basking in the gorgeous glow of autumn, it’s taken me many years to appreciate this time of year (a long time for the back to school September dread to fade) but my love of it now was surely inspired by the quality of light, the colours are so vivid I’m sure something extra terrestrial was occurring over the rooftops last night, just stunning. It seems like a season of revelation; as leaves fall so do barriers and new vistas are revealed all across town. Have you seen what’s happening at the back of Cheethams or on Miller Street? Time travel indeed.

Massive thanks to Alan for his inspiring and inspired curating of the previous two first Sundays, any derive incorporating haunted houses, rose hips, and occult smoking paraphernalia has got to go down in LRM history as a rare treat. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for November. On a personal note I have relished the opportunity to take time out. Going away meant my heart could leap with joy coming home. I’ve been rekindling my love of music and sitting on trains and plotting some delightful new shenanigans (of which more soon). I’ve also discovered the joy of proper cider but that is another story.

Anyhow I promised an October triple whammy and now I break the one email a month rule to bring details of parts two and three, both collaborations which remind me there are myriad ways to walk the city and that kindred spirits abound, often loitering in unexpected places
The LRM have received a postcard from a friend which you can see at It reads "Hi Everyone, I'll be up in Manchester on the 18th. Can you pick me up from Piccalilly Station at 1pm? We cam make our way on foot from there, right? See you soon. x robyn."

Robyn (who made an excellent hunt sab during the fox hunt) elaborates “What do Manchester England and Perth Australia have to say to each other? You might be surprised. Come on homeward bound walk from the re-branded centre out to towards the protagonist's suburban Salford family history. This will be a walking conversation where the narrative flow has been dreamt up by a tourist, so who knows, you might become the guide...

This walk will form part of the research I'm conducting for my PhD project. I'm examining Perth's relationships to other cities within lived experience. I'd be delighted if the LRM or anyone interested would like to come along to share stories of their Manchester and co-construct this trans-urban journey” Please do join us on this continent crossing adventure, I for one am very excited.

Our comrades at The Escape Committee are plotting a minor cultural revolution on the last Sunday of every month; they want to banish boredom something The LRM wholeheartedly endorse. I actually find boredom really hard to empathise with as an adult: so many books and pavements and hills and songs to explore. Anyhow, they have invited us to join their crusade and we rarely turn down an invitation so here’s the plan (in the loosest sense of the word. No bullet points will be used)
Sunday October 25th we will be ensconced upstairs at The Britons Protection (aka my favourite pub in Manchester) from 4pm. An open invitation is extended to anyone who wants to find out more about The LRM, who we are and what we do. If we can procure a projector (can anyone help?) it would be splendid to show some films at this point too.

At 5pm there will be a short introduction to The LRM and psychogeography, no powerpoint I promise, and then an open discussion about future plans, so many inspiring people have half whispered ideas at the moment it would be splendid to see if collectively we can make them happen. Please don’t be shy, if you have been dreaming of a derive or some subversive shenanigans come along and share in a supportive space. At 7pm ish we’ll set off to explore the secrets of the city… all will be revealed on the night but it will be dark and probably daft.

NOTE: anyone being disparaging, lacking an open mind or blatantly ripping decent folk off during the roundtable will be dealt with. I am still reeling at the amount of ugly, nasty, narrow minded people who invaded our beloved city last week. They challenged my belief in the streets being a place for everyone: I don’t want fascists on the march anywhere and the LRM has a zero tolerance policy for racists, misogynists, homophobes and any fuckwit who seeks to curtail another’s freedom. I’m sorry if you think that conflicts with our treasured freedom to play where we choose and do what we wilt, maybe it does, but we are all contradictions and I am bloody angry that such evil exists.

Constructive ways to transform hurt into creative resistance are especially welcome, but so too is anyone who wants to help build the city of our dreams one step at a time or who just simply wants to play out and discover magic that thrives in the mancunian rain.

Please stay safe, look around you and enjoy the view. It can be a beautiful day

With love and pumpkin pie

morag xx

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

cctv analysis

in the times, not another leftycommiehippypinkoparanoid rant!

Friday, 9 October 2009

this weekend

interesting open archeology in manchester this weekend

plus the mancunian way is closed and makes a delighful place for a nighttime stroll.

on the down side the fascists are coming to town tomorrow and we will not be welcoming them. Our streets are for everyone, except those who spread hate and vile racism

“Maybe I should talk to you about fascism. It is a big word and it hides in some pretty little places. And it is nothing in the world but greed for profit and greed for the power to hurt and make slaves out of the people. Fascism and freedom are the only two sides battling.” Woody Guthrie

Friday, 2 October 2009

October's First Sunday

Hello Friends,

This month we will be entering the "Gates of Hell" in search of ghosts and Celtic water spirits - a true life MR James tale revealed... Join us for a supernatural exploration of the Fletcher Moss parsonage gardens in Didsbury followed by a wild food forage around the Mersey flood basin. A refreshing change from our usual urban escapades - time to breath some fresh air and get your shoes muddy!

Meet outside "The Didsbury Inn" (M20 2SG) at 2pm on Sunday 4th October - for those who have never visited this suburban idyll, it's just past the centre of Didsbury village on the 42/142 bus route and not far from East Didsbury railway station.

Further news on some more exciting psychogeographic events happening this month to follow...

Thursday, 1 October 2009

more stuff to read

congratulations to a couple of friends of the lrm for nominations in the manchester blog awards - the ever inspiring manchester zedders and the charmingly wonderful shrieking violet (which is now available in zine form too). Some more cracking reads are also shortlisted but they are our friends who we play with and thus we want them to win!

also, and unrelated but worth a read if you are unfamiliar with the background to psychogeography its Guy Debords theory of the derive

dancing in the streets

This was written by Nathan Payne and shared here (with permission) because it illustrates how public space is under threat everywhere and our dear red caps are not the only petty beurocrats at work. and becuase it made me laugh

an interesting thing happened the other day, Andrew & i were playing on the street in Brooklyn, on Bedford & N. 7th streets, and we got a few songs off before the cops showed up, and while Andrew was playing "Cure For Pain" the cop summoned me to his car, and i walked over and he asked a couple questions, and no we didn't have a permit (do they ever get bored, asking the obvious?), then he said we could continue if we turned off the amp, and went on to explain that if he allowed us to play with amps, then pretty soon other people would show up with amps, then he went on to describe this really utopian-sounding situation in which people of all types and styles and genres would start coming out of the woodwork to perform on the street, except he used this utopian ideal as a justification for shutting us down.

as he was describing the situation i kept thinking, that sounds great! but he was taking the other track. if we let you guys bring some melody and beauty to the street, the normal garbage-truck and ambulance sounds would soon be drowned out by infinite varieties of street performers cultivating an interesting cultural center right in the middle of everybody, for its own sake and at no cost whatsoever to the surrounding community, bringing in thousands of dollars a year in added revenue and fostering a culture of artistic support, a situation as un-American as Castro. now come on guys, GET REAL, don't you have to GO TO WORK?

yes i do, officer, because these aren't skills you're witnessing here, anybody can do this, and why should i employ my personal skills at the service of my own hunger, when i can sit on a telephone for 40 hours a week or push boxes around in a warehouse? o yeah that's right, cuz you can't tax cash in my hand for work in your face.

America is a cop utopia.

MAP Archives online

The MAP (Manchester Area Psychogeographic) archive IS now back online and some mighty fine reading can be found there. Cheers Alan. Any chance of the forum rememerging?

If anyone ever fancies helping sort The LRM out a more coherant online presense I would be very greatful, i know we celebrate the ephemeral but be nice if our flotsam and jetsam were not all strewn in a corner of my bedroom, theres a fair bit of material I've amassed now despite myself