Friday, 31 December 2010

Dear friends and comrades in flaneurie

I hope Yuletide has been what you wished and you have enjoyed yourself despite all the consumerist clichés and strange pressures

Please join The LRM on our first First Sunday on 2011 – January 2nd – we’ll be gathering at The Britons Protection Great Bridgewater Street at 2pm. We’ll set off about 2.30 (by which time I hope everyone will have already broken any resolutions borne of guilt and obligation rather than desire and enlightenment) We’ll be utilizing creative cartography to see if we can chart the waters ahead…. Please do join us if you can, it’s a great way to start the year, shake of hangovers and experience the city in new ways with convivial companions.

As the end of year clock ticks it may be a cliché but I can not help but reflect on the period just gone. It has been full of enlightening, inspiring and entertaining encounters on the streets and I want to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who makes the LRM happen. It is truly a collective endeavor and I feel in awe of so many of the amazing people who contribute in a myriad ways. I raise a glass to you all, it would be a ridiculously long toast to name everyone but you know who you are and I hope you know you have a place in my heart. I will contradict myself, as usual, by adding an extra cheer for Alan – if The LRM believed in such things he would surely be knighted by now.

I’ve always found it boring to talk about the weather but please indulge me a moment. We can’t change what the sky throws at us (climate chaos not withstanding; clearly we have some responsibility here) and I’ve had an epiphany this snowy season. Earlier in the year I let myself become isolated and fearful, all the things I am so fond of condemning at the arrival of the white stuff – but in December I tried embracing the new topography revealed by concealment and derives enforced by drifts. The near became strangely far away as neurological conditions and ice pavements make a terrible mix but I have so many books i want to read and music to listen to i reveled in the hibernation. It felt like a test of whether the loitering philosophy – of going with the flow, celebrating the extraordinary in the everyday and finding the magick in the manunian rain – could be applied to all aspects of life and I truly feel like it can, also my cellar is as disorientating a netherworld as the darkest of engels alleyways…. Staying in is not the new going out but it does have its own rewards!

The flipside to new year nostalgia is of course aspirations for the future and 2011 is already promising to bring new and delightful adventures. February will take us where no loiterers have dared to go before, there are plans afoot for an improved website (we will continue to champion the ephemeral of course but we have gathered many resources to share) and there will be more s with like minded friends….

First up in January we are delighted to have been invited to contribute to a wonderful new project by one of our favourite artists Jane Samuels. The Abandoned Shop of Curiosities is an “ emporium which manifests in abandoned shops; and offers you a window into other, forbidden and unseen abandoned places. The shop invites visitors to interact and explore, to discover strange narratives, and furtive creatures from The Abandoned Buildings Project.

Jane will be holding an open studio throughout the residency, and inviting visitors to contribute to the production and development of new work. The interactive exhibition also invites visitors to share their memories of Blackburn’s now lost or abandoned places, using maps, written notes, drawings or by bringing in objects or photographs.
The LRM will be be making several appearances throughout the residency, exploring the relationship between Blackburn’s official histories, and the personal histories of the people who live there. The LRM will be running mapping workshops on January 15 and 22nd and using the information gained to create two walking tours of the town on 29th January and 5th February”

The shop, exhibition and open studio will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 13th Jan – 5th Februray. I am really excited to enter the magical realm Jane will be conjuring up and urge you to visit if you can. More details are on

As ever if you have any comments, suggestions or just fancy a natter do please get in touch via email or the LRM hotline 07974929589

Thanks again for your support and I wish you all a 2011 full of joy, creative mischief and happy wanderings. I’m off to crack open the sloe gin

Love and golden satsumas
Morag x

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Solstice Communique: What is a derive?

Dear friends, lovers and loiterers

I hope you are keeping warm, positive and open minded in the current challenging conditions. Apologies this email is out of sync with First Sunday but there a few things I wanted to share

Recently I have been questioning the relevance of the derive and been fearful it has become commodified and recuperated by so many that as a tactic is has become meaningless . When the dark times are upon us how can walking help? Have we become nothing more than social ramblers? It is true the term has been misinterpreted, misused and devalued by some utter tosh, much of if very expensive and flashy.

I was feeling sad about this but then, of course, i went for a wander and felt again the rush of excitement at an unexpected view, a serendipitous collision with the path of a friend and then I paused to hear the whispers beneath the roar of Christmas shopping.

Yes! The derive is still a relevant and beautiful tactic but it must be only one of many if we are to create our fantasy city. David Wilkinson made me cheer when he wrote to me “we are never too late, recuperation is never total or infinite. History is a process – (it was said) history was over, capitalism was smooth and efficient and people had forgotten how to fight back, And look where we are now! Student occupations and Len McCluskey make me do silly happy dances. There’s lots of places you can stand within a fundamentally contradictory society, both metaphorically and physically”

Psychogeography is an evolving and rich tradition; it has changed over time and will doubtless change again. The Situationist Internationale still holds an abiding fascination for me. Of course their true power is contested and accessibility, openness and co-operation (which The LRMN strive for) were perhaps not their strongest points. However their echoes resonate, perhaps now stronger than ever with student occupations, the return of the Okasional Café to Manchester (hooray) and roving protests disrupting the spectacle of christmas consumption whist striving to avoid kettles – such protests are nothing if not psychogeographic albeit on an unconscious level amongst the participants.

Possibly my favourite SI work deals with what, for me, is key to true social change – the integration of ideas into a "Revolution of Everyday Life" where everything we do is meaningful; a separate activist class is as damaging as being ruled by a cabinet of millionaires. “People who talk about revolution and class struggle without referring explicitly to everyday life, without understanding what is subversive about love and what is positive in the refusal of constraints, such people have a corpse in their mouths” Raoul Vaneigem.

One of the most elegant descriptions of the derive I have found is by Greil Marcus who says “The point (is) to encounter the unknown as a facet of the known, astonishment on the terrain of boredom, innocence in the face of experience. ..the physical town replaced by an imaginary city” He is clearly a wise man, and not just because he has also eulogised the best (well, my favourite) band in the world

Builing on this The LRM have identified 5 key characteristics that derives have that make them different to a commute or suchlike.

1 It should be spontaneous, directionless, aimless (obviously sometimes we have interpreted this flexibly or we would miss the story telling bit at the end… but we never know how we will get from a to b…we follow the flow and are open to digression, diversion and serendipity)

2 Loitering with us is participatory and everyone has a collective responsibility to look after themselves and each other . It would be disingenuous to say we are non hierarchical but we are open to everyone and anyone can become involved, we are always up for collaboration and will never claim to be offering a definitive version of the city (how could we?)

3 Our walks are non commercial; no one makes a monetary profit. We will never charge because the streets are free and belong to everyone.

4 And yes, this may contradict point one a little bit but so what? We aim to disrupt the banal and find new views; to glimpse the magick in the Mancunian rain and the parallel universes swirling around the city. We want to see remarkable sights and with the right frame of mind we can do so frequently

5 First Sundays are for fun and we want to bring pleasure and convivial company. Stop if you are not happy (some walks of course investigate uncanny or dark atmospheres but still should be a positive experience)

I am not idealistic enough to think this is all it takes to change the world but I do believe loitering makes a contribution on the side of good. I must also stress it is a state of mind and you don’t need the LRM to show you how to derive, we don’t know any more than you do - many of us disagree with much of the above - and in fact actually the most wonderful walks are often solitary.

I should also clarify there is a warm place in my heart for expeditions such as guided walks, especially those borne of passion that tell new stories about the streets, complicate official narratives and help us look afresh at the mundane. For examples of inspiring walks like this just think about Manchester modernist society walking the Mancunian way or Steve Millington reconnecting with Hulme. (there are others too of course)

If you have read this far I am grateful and I also want to send a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has helped make this such a splendid year for The LRM whether by joining us on the streets or sending virtual inspiration. I wish you all a glorious solstice and whatever you wish the festive season to be.

First Sundays carry on regardless of Yuletide, and I wanted to confirm we will be gathering on January 2nd – more details to follow. we will as ever be marking seasonal changes and abandoning the official path to create new desire lines across the city.

With love and light
Morag xx

PS I just got this email from a first time loiterer who joined after Alan and I spoke to the uni philospophy society about psychogeography ( a talk we hope to reprise for a general audience some time soon) “We had an amazing time. We found a hundred hidden delights and realised that half an hour later we were still only really just behind the pub” above all the derive is an action, a practice, not just a theory so please do come and join us next year

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

racists not welcome here

this is in response to something on facebook, and i dont really like cross posting, but it feels too important not to.


I feel sick and angry but have to share this. I have just banned someone from the group for the first (and I hope only) time. This is because they were spouting poisonous racist EDL shite.

I want to clarify something lest anyone is in doubt: When we say the streets belong to us we mean ALL of us - we the people - regardless of colour, sexuality, gender, class, ability, age, faith and anything else any fuckwit wants to make narrow minded judgements against.

Diversity - and tolerance - is what makes our cities great and racism is just stupid. We have NEVER and will never tolerate narrowminded shite. It has no place in the LRM and if anyone wants to have a go at me for stifling of free speech they can piss off too.

Sorry I had to do that as i have to stress all the loiterers i have ever met in the real world, and have corresponded with online over the years have been lovely, intelligent, openminded folk and we welcome ANYONE who treats others with respect.

much love to you all xxx

Friday, 3 December 2010

december's first sunday

please join us 2pm sunday december 5th at john rylands library cafe, from where we shall embark on a spot of disorienteering. Please bring a compass if you have one x

Monday, 22 November 2010

velvet, corduroy and more: the city is alive!

Dear friends

There is so much happening at the moment please forgive this extra email but I wanted to share some exciting events with you.
The Velvet and Corduroy Club is a salon for wonderful ideas and interesting debate. It opened for the first time last month and fascinating thoughts flowed with the sherry on an intriguing derive of the mind. Thank you so much to everyone who generously shared their wisdom and experiences, it felt like a really special space and I am excited by its potential. Entry is free and open to all and I urge you, if you can, to join us this Thursday, 25th November 6.00-8.30pm at Manchester Modernist Society (MMS) HQ, Chapel Street, Salford (it’s very near Salford Central Station and The Kings Arms).

MMS are also currently hosting Latitude, an exhibition of artists maps. The LRM have always loved creative cartography and this is well worth a visit, as is Cube Open 2010 where Blind Spots by Urban Col(laboratory) is being screened. This is a rather marvelous and insightful film looking at (and dancing in) Piccadilly Gardens. We are delighted at another chance to view the work that was created as part of Get Lost and urge you to go and have a look. I’ve not been to the rest of the show yet so don’t know what other delights there maybe.

Cube is also hosting a wine tasting by our friend dale on Friday 26th, tickets are £7.50 or £10 for two (everything else in this bulletin is FREE) We are not, and never will, be taking advertising or sponsorship but we do like to support our friends so tickets must be bought in advance from a branch of Oddbins – Cooper St in town or various other places.

On Wednesday 24th there is a screening of a documentary looking at the Okasional Café in its various manifestations, 6.30pm at Earth, Turner Street. I’m not sure who is organising this but perhaps it will provide inspiration on creative resistance to the class war that seems to be brewing. The Mule is a good source of local information on the theme.

The Urbis Research Forum are celebrating Engels birthday a day late but in fine style with a discussion examining how the city is reflected in Engel’s work and how his Mancunian insights continue to be relevant in the 21st century. Its on Monday 29th, 6pm at the Renolds building, Altrincham Street. They are also presenting a series of interactive walks imagining Oxford Road exploring the architectural, literary and audio imaginary of one of Manchester’s busiest streets.

Finally a reminder The LRM are curating an Ancoats Amble in conjunction with MERCi as part of their Future Manchester festival. The guided walk will focus on regeneration, accidental nature, urban wildlife and play – please bring any favourite street games. More details and a full programme here We are meeting 2pm sharp outside the Crown and Kettle, Oldham Road (top of Oldham Street) this Sunday, 28th November.

News on Decembers first Sunday will be with you soon,as well as information on some very exciting january shenanigans. In the meantime please keep warm. I’m all aglow with pride at knowing so many lovely loiterers creating a city full of interesting things

Much love and golden apples
Morag x

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Novembers First Sunday: The dark is rising

My dear friends, lovers and loiterers

It’s no secret The LRM are conducting a long and passionate love affair with Manchester. I must confess however that occasionally I daydream about fleeing to hibernate in a cocoon full of books and records and comfortable treats.

The city is vulgar and horrible; too cold and wet (or hot and sticky). It’s crowded, noisy, full of people talking shit and smelling horrible and behaving in a vexatious manner. Danger, tragedy and moral panics lurk everywhere; traffic, pollution, hoodies (or where they last years baddie?) anger, chaos and dog shit. Advertising pollutes our minds whilst the detritus of consumer culture suffocates and we are crushed by beaurocratic nonsense, planning that puts commerce above community, ugly design, constant surveillance, suspicion and petty restrictions on our civil liberties. My legs ache, my pockets are empty and I fell weary to my bones…

But still I go out walking and gather with my comrades in loitering. Why do I do this? The answer lies in the streets themselves, there is gorgeousness too if you look for it; buddleia grows on the most forlorn building, beauty can be glimpsed around every corner, energy, ideas, creativity makes the atmosphere buzz, stories swirl all around us, and, of course, sous les pave, la plage. Perhaps most inspiring of all are the people to be encountered and I feel truly privileged to have met so many amazing individuals. You just can’t get the same tingle looking out of (or at) the window. I’ll endure the crap for the thrills every time and as i type i get an urge to wander into the arms of the great mass of contradictions that we call home

When we loiter, we are free: that should not be a subversive statement but somehow it feels like it is. I also believe passionately as the divine Ms Smith says ‘the people have the power’ and we can create the Manchester of our wildest dreams; if Hell is a city so too is Shangri La and my only regret is too little time, too much work and wonky legs stop me from walking all day every day.

Please, come and join us re-connecting and re-discovering our city. A stroll in convivial company is a tonic for even the most jaded soul. As well as being fun, and revealing hidden delights, it also helps combat fear and suspicion, such corrosive forces that feel to be increasing exponentially at the moment.

This Sunday, November 7th, we will be gathering from 6.30 at The Britons Protection, Great Bridgewater Street to set out at 7.00pm on a star lit adventure. I am mindful it’s a school night so we will have retired for refreshments by 9pm. Noone is sure quite what form it will take yet but it will see a return to traditional tactics – using an old map, spinning a fish, throwing a dice – that sort of shenanigan.
I asked on twitter (we are @thelrm) what psychogeography meant and our friend Bon said it’s the practice of experiencing space differently. Practicing space so as to reveal its hidden, non-hegemonic, denaturalised qualities. Derives in the dark are great because there is an instant sense of the uncanny and an emphasis on senses beyond sight.

During the day on Sunday I will be in Liverpool supporting The Cake Liberation Front on its debut action at The Bluecoat. With a mission (and name) like that how could I resist? See to find out about the campaign for compassionate and delicious baked goods. Their first Manchester cake swap/scoff/celebration is on Sunday 21st at The Friends Meeting House.

We love it when our friends become successful and the very marvellous Quiet Loner is hosting a special concert on 18th November at Sacred Trinity Salford to celebrate the (very) long awaited arrival of his new long player. I know the mainstream press is full of tosh and corrupt lies but occasionally it speaks the truth and we are delighted Uncut gave Spectrology four stars

The Velvet and Corduroy Club – that fledging salon of wonders for interesting folk – will be convening again on November 25th at MMS HQ Chapel Street Salford (very near Salford Central railway station) The theme will probably be heritage and we daresay sherry and beguiling erudition will be freely flowing once more. More details on this derive of the mind will be forthcoming but suffice to say books are sexy and last month was very pleasurable

The LRM are also hosting an Ancoats Amble with MERCI as part of their week of Earth Rights events. It is scheduled for 2pm on November 28th, meeting outside The Crown and Kettle (on the corner of Great Ancoats Street/ Oldham Road). If anyone fancies helping me curate a guided walk looking at accidental nature, heritage, play and the impact of re/de/regeneration on this most fascinating neighbourhood please do get in touch. There will be marbles and marvels galore.

I hope that some of this makes you want to get away from your computer and out onto the streets, life is there and it is good. As ever if you want more information please email or call 07974929589

With glittery love and light
Morag x

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Velvet and Corduroy Club opens its doors to a salon of interesting things...

My dear loiterers

I trust you don’t mind me sharing news of a rather splendid new endeavor to offer a derive of the mind; it is brought to you by various friends of The LRM and promises to develop in unexpected and rather delightful ways becuase talking can be as enlightening as walking

The Velvet and Corduroy Club is a salon for wonderful ideas and interesting debate. It opens its doors on 28th October, 6.00-8.30pm at Manchester Modernist Society HQ, Chapel Street, Salford (it’s very near Salford Central Station and The Kings Arms)

We are inspired by myriad others including bluestockings, the hilaries and certain other esoteric societies, the much missed Owenite Hall of science (“Sacred to the Investigation of Truth” and demolished after the weight of books became too great), free schools (in the original DIY sense not the current government silliness) and most of all the amazing passions, thoughts and ideas we hear every day wandering the streets – and so we want to create a space to talk, learn, and share thoughts with each other.

Each month there will be a theme and a short introduction; then we shall see where the salon takes us. The first event will focus on Class, what it means today in our society and the appropriation of upper class tropes by . Everyone of all persuasions is welcome, as long as they are open minded and as eager to listen as to speak; we want to celebrate conversation, creativity and constructive debate.

Entrance, like the speech, is free and our club does not require a membership card. Tea, coffee and cake will be available and a complementary nip of sherry will be served to all who wear either eponymous fabric.

Please join us in this new endeavor, also do please get in touch if you are interested in presenting a future topic or are able to help us create a presence on the web. We have an email address and a facebook group that is currently in pristine condition so it would be lovely if you could be a pioneer...!/home.php?sk=group_163139433714110

With love and excitement

The Velvet and Corduroy Club

Friday, 1 October 2010

Octobers First Sunday - Crime, carousing and direct action

Dear Friends, fantasies and comrades

It’s an exciting weekend ahead for loiterers as we celebrate the removal of the ring of steel from the city centre. I do not like all those guns and gates and paranoid scaremongerers. Much as I love music I dislike ipods mostly because of the alienation they encourage – and because you miss many wonderful overheard quotes when lost in your own world – but occasionally they have their uses as I enjoyed singing along to Mr Richard Hawley as I avoided those hideous yellow gates
“Those people they got nothing in their souls
And they make our tvs blind us from our visions and our goals
Oh the trigger of time it tricks you so you have no way to grow
Do you know that tonight the streets are ours
Tonight the street are ours
These lights in our eyes tell no lies”

How can we build the city of our dreams? I daresay a few ideas insurrectionary and imaginative ideas (and probably a bit of fascinating nonsense) will be bubbling up from under the pavements this Saturday October 2nd, at the always splendid Anarchist Book Fair. It’s at The Dancehouse Theatre, Oxford Road. The LRM are facilitating a radical history walk starting there at 3.30pm It’s a mini expedition because within an hour or so we can only begin to untangle a few of the tales that make up the rich and exciting history of dissent, direct action and social change in our very fine City. As ever debate is encouraged and all are welcome

Then on Sunday 3rd I am delighted Alan is treating us to the final part of his criminal trilogy. Join us at 1pm at the main entrance (Albert Square) of Manchester Town Hall for an exploration of Manchester's dark and disturbing Victorian underworld. A world of rookeries, pubs, pawnshops and lodging houses populated by cracksmen, fences, prize fighters, garotters, pimps, prostitutes and thieves. Tales of super-criminals, legendary police detectives and dark satanic mills are sure to change your image of the world's first industrial city

Please join us if you can for our next splendid adventures and stay tuned for more information about the manifestation of the velvet and corduroy club

Much glittery love and conkers
Morag x

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Local history workshop

Free Session on Local History Projects with REELmcr

Wednesday 29th Sept Session on Local History with Reel MCR :
Free - 6-8 pm Venue: Yard Theatre, Old Birley St, Hulme (near Kim by the Sea) - please be on time!

This session is lead by Jaqcui Carrol and other Reel MCR tutors. The aims are to to share knowledge about our local history, create a buzz about a local history project and how the Green Zone project could help, share ideas of how an exciting local history project could work and possibly help convene a group to look for funding to do this.

Contact Mick or Kate on to book on – or just turn up. Or contact us if you want more info. This project is open to all.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

its not just streets that should be free....

Software Freedom Day is an annual global celebration of software freedom. Software Freedom Day 2010 in Manchester will be held at Madlab on Saturday, 18th September from 10am to 4pm.

There will be Moodle demonstrations, Ubuntu for Beginners Workshops, demonstrations and install help, Robots and Arduinos on Free Software, Purchasable Recycled Computers with Free Software and Support, Wordpress demonstrations, PCs running Free Software for you to try, Ubuntu Linux and Free Software CDs, Linux Magazines, Free Software Books, Stickers and Badges, Creative Commons Licensed Music CDs and more!

See the website for more details

Friday, 3 September 2010

Septembers First Sunday: Monsters, mushrooms and mirth

Dear friends, flanuers, faeires and fans of Gef the talking mongoose

Merry September. As a child I used to hate this time of year, associating it with uncomfortable new uniforms and the end of independent loitering. A joy of getting older is a love of the late summer treasury of colours and crops and sunshine; I even find pleasure in stationery items these days but perhaps best not to dwell on the gorgeous scent of fresh paper!

This Sunday the LRM invite you to join us as we celebrate the exquisite pleasure of the day trip. There is always somewhere interesting to explore a stones throw from home, whether it’s a new discovery, an ‘always meant to go there but never quite did’ affair or an old favourite haunt that takes on a different appearance with the changing seasons.

I love day trips for the sense of adventure, occasion, escape and of course the picnic eaten on the bus before you even arrive. It may sound perverse but I’m not so keen on bank holidays; these are forced upon us and I want pleasure when I desire it, not when I’m told. An ideal day trip is cheap, cheerful and veers off in unexpected ways – like the very best derive – and has none of the pressure or pretentions so many of the experiences we are sold as authentic and essential and corporate fun do.

I do hope you will join us as we set off on a voyage of discovery to Boggart Hall Clough. It’s a splendid place, with ancient woodland and some wonderful geography as well as its own legendary eponymous pooka. (what was it called before the Boggart? I got told off at school for being silly when I asked a similar question about battle and Normans bay) The LRM love cryptozoology but there is more to the cloughs history than the gremlin; it also played a pivotal role in the battle for free speech and public assembly in Manchester. I suspect we may also find some delights foraging in natures larder too – its that time of year – and goodness knows what else too.

We will be catching the 118 bus from Oldham Street (The Piccadilly Garden end, bus stop b) at 1.28pm precisely (bus company willing of course) this Sunday, 5th September. It is due to arrive at the Charlestown Road side of the Clough at 1.50. Please try and make this bus if you can but if you are lost or late please call The LRM hotline on 07974929589 and we will try to find you. Obviously we’ll be out of our usual urban territory so please wear sensible shoes and bring sunblock/ waterproofs as appropriate.

There’s a few more exciting LRM events coming up too, although of course loitering is more a state of mind and can be practised anytime, anywhere, alone or in convivial company. On September 15th I’ll be facilitating an Ardwick Green Amble as part of GMCVOs A to B less CO2 Sustainable Transport Event. The wander will encompass anarchists, tiny tim, ancient glaciers and more. It’s free but places need to be booked please see for more details. There is also going to be – due to popular demand (I always wanted to say that) - another Places Women Love Walk with The Women’s Design Group for Urban Design Week details from In October there will be tales of Victorian crime and the launch of a new venture: The Velvet and Corduroy Club, a salon for interesting people of all flavours but more of that nearer the time; I don't want to be inside staring at a screen on a day like this when the streets belong to us....

I hope our paths cross soon
Love and perfectly ripe plums
Morag x

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Peterloo Memorial

This monday is the anniversary of Peterloo and tomorrow (Sunday) there are a series of walks retracing the routes of demonstraters and ending at the gmex for a rally. See

Good stuff

Thursday, 12 August 2010

stop, look, listen

The latest edition of The Mule is especially loiterer friendly featuring an interview with our favourite CCTV chronicler David Dunnico, articles on radical history (we've mentioned it before but always worth mentioning again and on the back page some mancunian highlights many of which were suggested by loiterers

The print version of Shrieking Violet is one year old - congratulations Natalie - and the anniversary issue is a food special, it includes an article on wild food and foraging by alan and a review of the giant cake map of manchester has some really interesting ideas from Architecture students at Manchester University and Merci are currently hosting an exhibtion of their work (I was at Bridge 5 Mill to hatch a very exciting plan.... details soon...)

There's still a few days left to 'listen again' to radio fours recent documentaty on creative Hulme, with a soundtrack including our friends at single cell .

Friday, 30 July 2010

August First Sunday: Crime in the city and love on the streets

Dear friends, comrades, flaneurs and flibbertygibbets

I trust you are enjoying summer, I’ve spent much of the last month sitting in fields, listening to music, drinking mojitos and grinning – sometimes all at the same time. Bliss! However I’ve also been getting increasingly angry at the nonsense so called newspapers see fit to print; it reminds me how important it is to actually talk to folk, look around, question authority, create alternatives and try to engage with the real world, not a mediated spectacle.

I truly believe walking is one of the most beautiful ways to do this; personally it’s how I learn best and also of course its free and uncommodified. Never really having much money I feel rather distanced from talk of the age of austerity; make do and mend is nothing new here. I’m also getting bloody frustrated at this big society nonsense; I already live in a world where people take responsibility, action and care for each other despite getting screwed by those allegedly in charge. And I’m rather fond of The NHS and the notion people are all equal and equally valued. Grrr

Anyhow, back to the streets. I am delighted that this month’s First Sunday will see the second installment of Alan’s glorious crime spree. He really does make a splendid host so please do join us if you can.

Following on from last months look at the Scuttlers, we will concentrate on the decidedly nastier gangsters of the Gunchester era. For over 20 years Manchester has been famed for its bars and nightclubs, most famously the Hacienda, but the good times had a sinister side that almost brought the city to its knees. Meet us at Knott Bar (under the railway arch at the Castlefield end of Deansgate) at 2pm on Sunday 1st August for a walk along the sometimes bloodstained streets of the Mancunian criminal underworld.

The following Saturday The LRM will be collaborating with Manchester Womens Design Group on a Places Women Love’ Walk which starts at the pebble in front of the Bridgewater Hall on Saturday 7 August at 11.00am and will explore issues around gender and urban space.

As part of their research into how women respond to the design of the built environment, Manchester Women’s Design Group has been asking women, through workshops and an Emotions’ Map of the city centre, which parts of central Manchester make them feel worried and anxious, and which places they love because they make them feel happy and relaxed. This guided walk will present some of their findings so far – and will encourage debate to further their walk

Numbers for this walk (unlike First Sunday) be limited so if you would like to join please email to reserve your place. More details can be found at

Finally a few messages from our friends:

O Please take a few moments to support Rabar Hamad!/group.php?gid=138558076173602

O Watch out for a Free shop springing up somewhere in town tomorrow afternoon thanks to lovely folk working towards a new social centre in Manchester

O Hulme Community Garden Centre has loads of good stuff coming up, including a party tomorrow

O as ever there are lots of items of interest in The Mule and at (not all journalism is bad!)

I hope to see you Sunday or some day soon, as ever please do get in touch should you have psychogeographic thoughts to share email or call the hotline on 079 749 29589

Much love and magick rum

Morag x

Thursday, 1 July 2010

july: crime, flowers, friends, music

Dear friends, flaneurs, mischief, merry and magick makers

I am delighted that Alan is in curating the LRM’s next expeditions.
Join us on Sunday for a trip into the criminal underworld of Victorian Manchester. Explore the haunts of crooks, villains, scuttlers, cracksmen, fences, pimps, prostitutes, conmen, garroters and bareknuckle prizefighters. From the first modern youth cult to a real-life Sherlock Holmes, taking in super-criminals and murderous ruffians along the way. Following a route from Deansgate to Ancoats via Salford, Strangeways, Angel Meadow and New Cross we will be mapping the exciting and frightening world of Victorian Manchester's slums and its inhabitants.

"The greatest stream of human industry flows out to fertilise the whole world. From this filthy sewer pure gold flows. Here humanity attains its most complete development and its most brutish; here civilisation works its miracles, and civilised man is turned back into savage." Alexis de Tocqueville on Manchester

Meet us in the Barton Arcade on Deansgate at 1pm on Sunday. Please keep your truncheons at home.

There are plenty of other treats lined up this month too….

The Scratch and Sniff Cinema hosted by occasional loiterer Bren is back as part of the Hazard festival and will be showing my beautiful launderette for free in a cardboard launderette on 16th / 17th July

As well as providing news with a kick The Mule are looking to produce a treasury of Manchester’s highlights; I’m sure loiterers will have something to add (and can get inspiration from other people’s thoughts) (not sure if the relevant article is live yet but it will be soon)

I’ve got a couple of questions which I would really appreciate your thoughts on for future projects…. How do you deal with abuse / hassle on the street if you have experienced it? And, more cheerfully Which are you favourite wild flowers in unexpected places? The LRM have long been champions of the buddlia, patron plant of Manchester, but this year I have found myself transfixed by so many blooms…. Poppies on castlefield rubble, lillies by an abandoned car on the A6, a mystery purple delight brightening a dark alley…. I am still sad at the destruction (in the name of decency and progress) of our beloved hanging gardens of Pomona but somehow nature will still find a way to show us who is boss.

Finally The LRM are hosting one of our occasional musical extravaganzas / social events, those of you who have come in the past will know we only put on gigs for bands we love and always lay on cakes and random surprises too, so please do come along on Friday 9th July 7.30pm onwards at the Britons Protection.

There will be a rare whole band show for the amazing Case Hardin, with high quality support from The Tao of Steve and Phil Davies. Case Hardin play ace americana with a twist; many of their songs were written whilst Pete was in Iraq. There will be songs to make you cry, laugh and want to dance and it would be lovely to see you there. Tickets are £4 which all goes to the bands.

I hope to see you on Sunday 4th, Friday 9th or someone on the streets very soon. As ever if you need more information please email or call 07974929589.

There’s also a bit of a summary of some of our adventures so far in the rather good Things Happen zine:

With love and foxgloves
Morag x

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

a musical extravaganza

Hello everyone

Merry day after solstice!

I’ve had lots of requests for an LRM social (not that the derives are entirely ant-soc ial really) and whilst this isn’t psychogeographic it does combine two of my favourite things in the world – great music and a decent, proper pub – and thus has got to be worth sharing with you lovely loiterers too
So: please come along to a night of top tunes at the Britons Protection on Friday July 9th from 7.30pm

I am delighted Case Hardin will be playing a rare Manchester gig as a full band, bringing top notch Americana with a twist; subject matter covers not just love and whiskey but Iraq too; Pete has spent time there as a journalist and I challenge anyone to hear him sing ‘The Letter’ and not feel moved. They really are a splendid band.
Thanks to Jonathan at Single Cell collective the support acts are ace too. Steve Roberts and Phil Davies are both splendid. There will be cakes and a few surprises thrown in as well.

Tickets cost £4 on the door (all money goes towards the bands expenses) a bargain for a Friday night of top quality entertainment.

I hope to see lots of loiterers there; I think it will be really special. For advance tickets or more details please email or call me on 07974929589

Glittery love and wildflowers
Morag xx

PS More details soon about July and August First Sunday which will be Alan’s crime tour in two halves (that sounds a wee bit wrong written down but Alan’s walks are always wonderful)

Friday, 4 June 2010

june 's first sunday

hello all, this sunday june 6th we'll be meeting at the knott bar for a lucky dip derive, more details soon yep i know its late notice, i have been sorting a few things out including a special gig on july 9th x

Monday, 10 May 2010

foxy fun this weekend

The LRM Urban Fox Hunt is a large scale game of hide and seek with added twists. Hunters must use tactics and luck to try to catch a (human) fox – please note: we are not scum, no animals will be harmed.

We first played this game last year and it was great fun (final score was one each to the foxes and the hunters) and we have been invited to run it again at Hide and Seeks Sandpit this Saturday - a large and very splendid collection of pervasive games which is part of Futureeverything.

To make it happen we need a bit of help from folk who like being silly and would be willing to take on a secret mission to make the game more exciting for everyone. Of course you are welcome to just turn up and play but I would be very grateful for your help turning this into something very special.

If you are up for the challenge shhhh don’t tell anyone (that would spoil the surprise) but please email the lrm at or call / text 07974929589 as soon as possible so I can arrange to give you the necessary information and buy you a beverage in exchange for your time.

The game itself runs 7.00pm sharp until 8.00pm this Saturday 15th May, starting at The Contact Theatre (best arrive early to be sure of a place)

Hope to see you playing out on the streets….

Love and joy
Morag x

Ps Images from The LRMs secret Manchester photo expedition are now part of an exhibition at Salford Art Gallery (below Stairs Gallery) which runs at least until 25th May, possibly till July

Friday, 30 April 2010

May 2010: rebels, revolutionaries and the return of the fox

My dear friends, flanuers and foxcubs

I hope spring is springing up nicely where you are, I saw my first
ducklings of the year on the canal yesterday which is always a cause for celebration and every time I walk down the street something new is blossoming… I love the colours, much as I love this place it can tend to the drab in places and I want frivolity, prettiness and joy…. Let’s celebrate the so called weeds which spring up amongst the broken paving slabs and raise a glass to buddlia, patron plant of the peoples republic of mancunia.

Thank you so much to everyone who got in touch after last months mailing, I really appreciate your comments, not least because hurtling words into cyberspace one can never be sure of their impact. It delights me the diggers resonate so loudly and it was a joy to hear from so many people with a passion for radical history.

Mays first Sunday is going to be rather unusual (I don’t know quite what to expect myself, but then I never do) It will be curated by Tim and he plans to tell tales of Rebels, Revolutionaries, and Independent Thinkers He says “My plan includes the following: John Bradford, John Dee, Fredrick Engels & Karl Marx, the Pankhursts, the English Civil War Siege of Manchester, Elizabeth Gaskell, the Jacobites and Bonnie Prince Charlie, Jerome Caminada, Annie Horniman and the Peterloo Massacre and hopefully others. As this will be an LRM event, I am anticipating our usual interactive style, which makes our explorings so very enjoyable!”

The meeting point is at the front of the Duke of Wellington pub in the Shambles at 2:00pm. Afterwards doubtless some will share a beverage and banter in a convivial pub but several of us will be hotfooting it across the river to enjoy Sounds of the Other City Salford’s musical extravaganza

Mayday is possibly my favourite bank holiday of the year being a heady mix of Beltaine, dancing and workers solidarity. Some of you may recall last year’s inaugural LRM Fox Hunt; a giant game of tactical hide and seek with high vis jackets and much silliness on the streets. I have heard the impatient cries of tally ho and bow to demand for another round – but this year the game will be bigger, trickster-ier and even more ridiculous.

I am delighted The LRM Fox Hunt will manifest itself again as part of The HideandSeek Sandpit at Contact Theatre on Saturday 15th May 7pm-ish as part of the always interesting Futureeverything.
More details as soon as we have them but be assured: glorious shenanigans will result. And of course not a single real fox will be troubled; we are not scum and barbarity is never sporting.

If you can keep a secret and want to play a special role in the game please get in touch with me as soon as possible, but don’t tell anyone you are doing so. The LRM: like M15 but with more glitter and a nicer mission

Our friends are also up to all kinds of exciting things this week (hence the lack of another mini-fest: we want collaboration not competition between interesting people: there is more than enough energy and imagination to go round. And we like not having to do all the organising) The following all come heartily recommended:

Manchester No Borders are hosting a community barbeque in Hulme tomorrow The LRM will never tell you how or if to vote but we will say loud and proud: everyone is welcome here. Fuck off racists, no pasaran!

The Manchester Municipal Design Corporation and Manchester Modernist Society invite everyone to meet at the Odeon Oxford Road on Tuesday to celebrate a cultural landmark by projecting images onto its façade. They promise there will be popcorn and a seminar afterwards. Action starts 9.30pm prompt. The Manchester Modernist Map is being launched on Friday too

A call has been issued for events to form part of Hazard, Manchester’s biennial festival of intervention and mischief, the deadline for ideas is May 17th and if anyone has any thoughts on this and whether The LRM should get involved please do holler

And finally, on a more ongoing basis the gardening group at Platt Fields are looking for people who want to join with them to grow vegetables on a shared plot, no experience needed and a very warm welcome is promised

I hope something here appeals and you never get bored with our city; there is magick everywhere if you look hard enough

Much love
Morag x

PS I have re-entered the modern age: yes, I now have a working phone, tv and internet connection (fingers crossed) and can only apologise for all cross at my elusiveness when they were not working. Truthfully it was quite nice to be silent for a bit but now there are adventures to be had and contacts to be made. If you are new to loitering or just want some information or a chat please do feel free to call the once again hot hotline on 079 749 29589 or email I will also be striving to blog more now at but suspect the streets will continue to tempt me away from the screen

Monday, 12 April 2010

the secret manchester photo day results....

sorry for short notice (for once not my fault as I only just got this info) but this is whats happened to the photos we took on the exploration of secret manchester...

the launch event for the exhibition will take place at Salford Art Gallery (Ble Stairs Gallery) on Wednesday 14th April 2.45pm-4.25pm, directions to the venue available at Family and friends are all welcome. The exhibition runs til 25th May

Thursday, 8 April 2010

dont forget

lots of inspiring people, ides and debates, all genders welcome xx

Thursday, 1 April 2010


i forgot to mention this rather ace blog when alluding to radical history. bugger. more haste, less speed etc. also, next months May Day events will elaborate on the theme x

April first sunday - fools and diggers and dreamers and planters

Merry fools day one and all!

I trust you are spinning yarns and causing creative mischief; remember there is much wisdom in foolishness. Everyone is so busy I sometimes fear the art of play may vanish and so it is every loiterers sacred duty to make merry and enjoy the things that please us as long as it harm none. Smiling, walking, talking to strangers, taking things slowly – these activities should not be subversive. Truly the world turned upside down remains an idea to relish.

Today also marks an important anniversary; that of the Diggers occupying St George’s Hill and planting the land for the common good (Ok so 361 might not be an officially significant number of years to commemorate an event but our arbitrary obsession with certain numbers always strikes me as daft)

There is an oft repeated cliché that contains much truth (well, don’t they all) when it states we must learn from history or be condemned to repeat its mistakes. Lets also try and learn from its dreamers and wanderers and artists and visionaries; small, everyday triumphs that might not appear in official histories but echo through time if only we care to listen through the static. I wish I had been taught about the diggers in school. A favourite day dream of mine is to imagine if they had won and made the earth a common treasury for all…

Its another cliché but we need to say thank you more often. And we need to make sure we exercise the rights others fought for lest we loose them, including the freedom to roam and play and use the streets for more than shopping. We can, and will, go forth and explore and we should be able to do so without harassment, surveillance and random hecklers. There’s a Reclaim The Night march on April 23rd for those who want to make the point louder and with placards.

April 24 marks 76 years since another pivotal moment in the history of public space; namely the Kinder Trespass (and yes, once again we are partying a little later than everyone else but we think it deservers celebrating all the time) It still puzzles me why radical voices are so rare these days, why more people aren’t moved to action over injustice and why compassion needs to be justified so often. My every day experience is most people are good, and kind, and honest and full of far better ideas than the people in power.

Therefore this First Sunday, April 4th The LRM will doff our collective caps and salute all those who went before and have inspired us, whether we have met them or not. Please insert your own heroes name here ----------------- and if you like please send me an email telling me who inspired you and why. I’ll put it on the website if you wish too.

I’m thinking of my grandmother right now; her life didn’t have a grand metanarrative and she does not have a Wikipedia entry but she did a million kind things, taught me much (including a love of nature, how to look confident when you are scared and the secret to a perfect trifle) She also got me out of trouble countless times and its fair to say without her love, strength and idiosyncrasies there would be no LRM. I am just sad she never joined us on an expedition; she would have enchanted you I am sure. It would have been her birthday on Saturday (90th if you must know) It’s the first time I’ve not had a place to send a card to and I have been thinking of how to honour her memory.

The destination of this months derive is still a mystery – we can decide on the day depending on what we fancy doing – but its purpose is clear. We will not be dwelling on sadness and frustration but celebrating, remembering, plotting and well… planting seeds. Specifically native wild flower seeds. It will be rather more ramshackle and low key than last month’s barnstorming Hulme spectacular but all are welcome to join us.

We will be gathering at 2pm in The Britons Protection, Great Bridgewater Street and will set off soon afterwards. I do hope you can join us

Much love and foxgloves

PS blimey! a whole email without the word shenanigans xx

april genius is the new fool

doubts this will be bettered today the revolution will be televised. very fine work indeed!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

lots of stuff and springiness

Dear friends and fellow loiterers

I hope spring is springing up nicely for you. Daffodils always make me smile and I think the first days of sunshine are perfect for loitering.

This is an almost unprecedented extra mid month email but there is so much to say and it can’t all wait until logistics have been sorted for the April first Sunday. I can however confirm, in response to many enquiries THERE WILL BE AN LRM WANDER ON EASTER SUNDAY. We won’t let any festival stop us celebrating our streets, although I understand some of our gang will be otherwise engaged; one of the joys of The LRM is the way folk drift in and out of our orbit; there is never any obligation to turn up and so it is always a delight to welcome new friends and returning wanderers.

That reminds me: special greetings to everyone who joined us with us to explore The Peoples History of Hulme. It was a truly splendid afternoon with an unprecedented turnout (as you may have spotted I was slightly overwhelmed by the sheer magnificence of the crowd) Thanks to everyone who made it happen. The crowds were treated to tales of lost trees and sleeping bees, multiple regenerations and time travelling friendships, pop protests, community action, comedy flipcharts and (of course) drunk aliens.

There are lots of pictures of the event here and a review here

As LRM interventions tend to be ephemeral it’s a pleasant change to have so much documentation (although our flker group has some treats at Aprils shenanigans will be rather more low key; details will be revealed soon, my inspirations this week have been the diggers, Johnny Appleseed and Patti Smith so we’ll see where that leads…

In the meantime many of our friends are doing fine things so there is no excuse for boredom (this is, as ever, an incomplete list of interesting things so please forgive any omissions)

The Peoples History was part of Single Cells Finding Zion Festival which ends on Saturday in fine style with guerrilla busking; I hope to see you dancing in the streets

Madlab has a programme full of interesting stuff and they describe themselves as an autonomous R&D laboratory and a release valve for Manchester's creative communities… how could we not love them? Keep an eye out for collaborations…

The always gorgeous and engaging folk at MMS (Manchester Modernist Society) have issued a rallying cry to save The Odeon and will be taking part in Manchester Architecture and Design Festival in April

April 10thand 11th sees Manchester hosting a weekend of anarcho-feminism The programme looks really inspiring and I would like to salute everyone who is making it happen. There is still help needed and of course lots of great stuff happening during the weekend so I urge you to give it a look. I am proud to say the LRM will be hosting a session on gender and public space; more on this soon.

The Royal Exchange is hosting Reality TV, an exhibition of David Dunnicos stunning and downright sinister images of CCTV. It finishes on Saturday and is well worth a look. You may have seen his work accompanying Quiet Loner at the CCTV cabaret

I hope to see you playing out on the streets soon

With love and daffodils
Morag x

Thursday, 4 March 2010

People's History of Hulme - this Sunday

Hello everyone

Its the shortest ever LRM email to celebrate our most spectacular First Sunday event so far...

We are curating a Peoples History of Hulme extravaganza as part of Single Cell Collectives Finding Zion Festival.

There won't be a set route or official history guide; thats not the loiterers way. Travellers will embark on a metaphysical treasure hunt discovering secrets, story tellers and random surprises that will help unravel the multiple layers of history, politics, regeneration, myths and daydreams that add up to make Hulme.

It’s a tale that stars Roman temples, UFO landing pads, modernist masterpieces, pop heroes, social housing experiments, squalor, revolutionary art and more. Oh and one of my favourite ever mancunian curiosities bingo jesus will be resurrected for the day.

We will finish with short films, a small exhibition, beverages and of course cake.Please do come and play with us, all welcome.

We will be starting at 1pm at Kim By The Sea on Old Birley Street Hulme - you can catch the no 86 bus from Piccadilly or Oxford Road and get off at the (rather lovely) Community Garden Centre.

Many thanks to the many lovely folk who are helping make this possible, please do join us for some splendid shenanigans if you can and although we usually celebrate the ephemeral if anyone fancies documenting the day photos would be very welcome

glittery love

Monday, 1 March 2010

Bingo Jesus will rise again

Bingo Jesus - and his much maligned friend Scrabble Satan - will be resurrected this Sunday as part of the peoples history of hulme walk.... more details soon and if you want to get involved in the organising (we still need a few more presenters, stewards etc) please join us for a drink in the sandbar 6pm tuesday 2nd march

Monday, 22 February 2010

Had a splendid loitering filled weekend; thanks to all who came along, great to meet so many new and interesting people. Next Saturday there is more Larkin About - no 'official' LRM presence (what a ridiculous notion that would be) but we do urge you to go out and play 7-11pm at the greenroom. If you are interested in the pro urbis football match please email

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

This Weekend: secret photographs and plotting

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let you know about a couple of things happening at the weekend which promise to be rather splendid. Be lovely to see you there

Loiterers and friends are invited to take pictures that capture Secret Manchester this Saturday 20th February. Our work will contribute to an exhibition and archive created for Re-Imaging The North West, a project of New Mornings Old Streets – a collaborative media venture exploring what community media means and how the region should be portrayed. see

Everyone is welcome to contribute, regardless of your experience or ability and whatever you want to document. We’ll be meeting in the Cornerhouse café at 12 noon this Saturday before setting off to take pictures. There will be an opportunity to borrow a camera and pick up technical tips and ideas if you need them, and we’ll be back at the Cornerhouse about 3pm if you would like to join us later. If you can’t make it into town but still fancy sharing some photographs please email high res jpegs as soon as possible. If you need a bit of inspiration there are some wonderful images on the LRM flickr group.

The LRM are also creating a Peoples History of Hulme walk as part of Single Cell’s Finding Zion residency. The event will happen on Sunday 7th March and we are looking for help to create something truly spectacular

Do you have any memories, stories, theories or thoughts that you think should be woven into our walking tapestry? Or are you a performer, artist, poet ranter or raver of any kind that would like to be part of the performance? We also need people help make props, rally troops and or act as a steward. You don’t need to be from Hulme and you don’t have to speak in front of anyone if that’s not your cup of tea.

We’ll be meeting to plot the Hulme shenanigans in The Britons Protection on Sunday (21st February) at 3pm, afterwards beer permitting we’ll go on the rather intriguing Hulme Art Trail that I’ve been leant a rather confusing map of. Please do come along and share your thoughts on Hulme and how we can make March’s first Sunday our most marvellous ever.

For more information or to share your thoughts on any of the above please email or call 07974929589. Be warned my keyboard is broken so if you text i apologise for replying with a game of hangman.

Take care and hope to see you soon


Monday, 8 February 2010

the peoples history of hulme - get involved

The LRM are curating a Peoples History of Hulme as part of Single Cell Collectives ‘In Search of Zion’ festival on March 7th. We will create a fantasy map and guide time travellers on a metaphysical treasure hunt discovering performers, musicians, story tellers and random surprises that will help unravel the multiple layers of history, politics, regeneration, myths and daydreams that add up to make Hulme. It’s a tale that stars Roman temples, UFO landing pads, modernist masterpieces, pop heroes, social housing experiments, revolutionary art and more – and we need your help to tell it now, before everything changes again with the advent of MMUs super campus

Do you have any memories, stories, theories or thoughts that you think should be woven into our walking tapestry? Or are you a performer, artist, ranter or raver of any kind that would like to be part of the performance? Perhaps you would like to help make props, rally troops and or act as a steward? If so please don’t be shy and join our merry band. We will be having a meeting for anyone interested at The Zion Centre. Stretford Road, Hulme 6pm on Tuesday 9th February (ie tomorrow) – we need to move sharpish on this) If you can’t come but would still like to be involved in please get in touch as soon as possible by email or call 07974929589.

Emotion mapping with manchester womens design group

We are going to be creating an emotion map for manchester city centre with women who live and work in greater manchester. The aim is to identify places which provoke positive or negative responses in women so that in the future we can explore these spaces in more detail to identify if there are ways that positive emotional responses can be designed into spaces.

We have a stall booked for International Women´s Day at the Town Hall - this is Sunday March 7th.
We also have a workshop and lunch with the women at the Pankhurst Centre on Thursday 25th February 12-2pm.
If you are willing to come along as a volunteer to help at either of these events please let me know. We will need to be about 9/10 for IWD and 3/4 for the Pankhurst Centre.
We are also looking at the possibility of taking part in the Manchester Architecture and Design Festival - if you are keen to be involved with this also please let me know.

Our next meeting to finalise where we are with things for the Pankhurst Centre workshop will be this Thursday at Kro2 starting at 6pm, I look forward to seeing you there.
Following that meeting we are meeting again on 25th February at 6pm - venue to be confirmed.

More information from

Thursday, 4 February 2010

February News: a celebration, secret pictures and new adventures in Hulme

Dear friends, fairies, flaneurs and threats to civilised society

I hope this finds you in happy times, this month we have a celebration and news of twoother rather splendid events so without further ado….

Please join the LRM this weekend for the third anniversary of our First Sunday Shenanigans

We’ll be meeting on the balcony at Piccadilly station at 1.00pm this Sunday, 7th February and shall start with a celebratory picnic. It would be lovely if you could bring some food to share if you feel like it. Then we’ll go for mooch around Mayfield, relatively unchartered territory for us and the proposed site of a major new regeneration scheme that will bring Whitehall to the oh so lucky North. For now it’s home to abandoned railway stations, urban wildlife, post industrial squalor and – of course – a luxury spa.

Doubtless we’ll conclude with beverages and banter and as we raise an almost birthday glass I shall express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has contributed to the continual success of The LRM. Our (not uncritical) love for the city and the many comrades who have added to the richness of our derives continues to be deeply satisfying and brings new surprises every month. So thank you all - but there is no time to wallow in nostalgia. The city shall never be finished and our quest is about to evolve in marvellous ways.

March’s First Sunday is going to be our most spectacular ever. The LRM are curating an exploration of the seven wonders of Hulme as part of Single Cell Collectives ‘In Search of Zion’ residency. We will create a fantasy map and guide time travellers on a metaphysical treasure hunt discovering performers, musicians, story tellers and random surprises that will help unravel the multiple layers of history, politics, regeneration, myths and daydreams that add up to make Hulme. It’s a tale that stars Roman temples, UFO landing pads, modernist masterpieces, pop heroes, social housing experiments, revolutionary art and more – and we need your help to tell it now, before everything changes again with the advent of MMUs super campus

Do you have any memories, stories, theories or thoughts that you think should be woven into our walking tapestry? Or are you a performer, artist, ranter or raver of any kind that would like to be part of the performance? Perhaps you would like to help make props, rally troops and or act as a steward? If so please don’t be shy and join our merry band. We will be having a meeting for anyone interested at The Zion Centre. Stretford Road, Hulme 6pm on Tuesday 9th February (ie next week – we need to move sharpish on this) If you can’t come but would still like to be involved in please get in touch as soon as possible.

Finally The LRM are taking part in Re-Imaging The North West, a project that forms part of New Mornings Old Streets – a collaborative media venture exploring what community media means and how the region should be portrayed . Loiterers are invited to take pictures that capture Secret Manchester on 20th February 2010. Our work will then form part of an exhibition and archive. Many friends are keen and talented photographers as our flicker group shows, others may wish to document their view of our city but feel they need a little technological knowhow – all are welcome to contribute. There will be a drop-in workshop in the Cornerhouse café at 12 noon on the 20th if you want some guidance or to borrow a camera. More details soon, in the meantime see

For more information or to share your thoughts on any of the the above please email or call 07974929589. Be warned my keyborad is broken so if you text i apologise for replying with a game of hangman. Updates will also be posted on

I hope you can drift into the LRMs orbit soon

Love and thrilling prospects

Morag x

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

things to do this week

on thursday i'll be going to see this which is directed by a friend of the lrm, be ace if anyone else fancies it

manchester cathedral visitor centre is currently displaying a couple of interesting bits of paper relating to everyones favourite elizabethan alchemist mr john dee; its a small display but great to see him in polite company and it inspired a trip to the cathedral to have a close look at the misericords

and at piccadilly station you can view plans for the redevelopment of mayfield and the area around our dearly beloved star and garter

i'm also finalising plans for some special collaborations... details of new adventures for the lrm coming soon.... xx

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Capture the flag Manchester

Capture the Flag - possibly the greatest street game in the world - is coming to Manchester. The (dis)organisers have been in touch asking if the LRM are interested in playing and I daresay it will appeal to many of you

all the info is only on facebook at the moment so apologies if you are wise enough not to have succumbed but more information is promised soon


to everyone who joined us on the first first sunday of the decade, an outstanding turnout expecially considering the (sorry to mention it) weather. My world has shrunk a slittle since then and I cant wait to get back out when the earth under my feet feels more substantial... i am getting a little cross that people confuse 'disabled' with 'spoilsport'... i do hope everyone is keeping warm and safe and enjoying exploring new dimensions and perspectives weather brings us... xx

Urban earth twitter day Saturday

A message from URBAN EARTH

Just a few hours now until it is Saturday in the Pacific and URBAN TWEET DAY begins. We've got a Tweet Day Tracker on the Ning.. all we need now is lots of people to tweet about their urban experiences on Saturday including #utday in each tweet. If you know anyone with an interest in things urban.. please pass on this message!

Very best,

Twitter name: urbanearth

The LRM are on twitter - name (surprise) thelrm although (confusingly) our twitters about The Bench project can be found at spaceplace09

If you havent come across Urban Earth yet they are awesome. I've taken this directly from their website Information about their visit to Manchester is here

URBAN EARTH is a project to (re)present our habitat by walking across some of Earth's biggest urban areas.

Central to URBAN EARTH is (re)presenting cities to show what they are really like for the people who live there - a direct challenge to the media that distort the reality of the places in which most of us now live.

The people who come on URBAN EARTH walks capture whatever interests them - places of play, dogs, sounds of fear, pavement rubbings - but contextualised by a route that reveals levels of spatial inequality and deprivation. Each walk includes taking thousands of unbiased photographs that are used to create the URBAN EARTH films. Presenting a rare insight into our increasingly urban lives the films give an alternative take on urban life.

A short documentary about the project will be launched in the next few weeks by SUSO. To follow the adventure visit the URBAN EARTH blog. If you want to collaborate with URBAN EARTH by doing a walk join our Ning. Anyone can join an URBAN EARTH walk...

“In 2008, the world reaches an invisible but momentous milestone: For the first time in history, more than half its human population, 3.3 billion people, will be living in urban areas. By 2030, this is expected to swell to almost 5 billion. Many of the new urbanites will be poor. Their future, the future of cities in developing countries, the future of humanity itself, all depend very much on decisions made now in preparation for this growth.” STATE OF THE WORLD POPULATION REPORT 2007