Saturday, 31 May 2008

Who are the LRM? What is Psychogeography? And how can I get lost in manchester with all those cctv cameras watching?

come along and find out tomorrow, sunday 1st June

1PM at Cafe Pop (downstairs in modpop boutique) Oldham Street

Sorry I said 2pm in a previous post - i was in a wee bit of a kerfuffle - but its 1pm and it would be wonderful if you could join us. They'll be a bit of background on the LRM and a natter about psychogeography, the situationists and the city today then we'll go for an exploratory derive around the northern quarter. For obvious reasons i don't know where it will all end but it's usually somewhere we can sit and share stories over a brew or pint depending on what people want. Everyone is welcome so please do come along if you fancy a pleasant wander, a bit of subversive nonsense and some convival company.

If you're unsure how to spot a psychogeographer don't be shy - we're everywhere and in all sorts of disguises - but tomorrow please look for a short lass with pink hair. (Thats true for almost all lrm events, except the cadecaus walk - even i don't know who the shadowy and elusive pegasus is....) If you're late or lost please call the batphone (number in the post below)

Also in the comments in the post below is a link to the programme that actaully works - thanks Gavin! I'll put the link somewhere prominent tomorrow but for now it's saturday and i'm bored of the computer

Hope to see you tomorrow, dear cyberspace-person. Please - turn off the computer and take to the streets with the LRM....

Thursday, 29 May 2008

the programme and getting in touch

The Get Lost Festival programme is online at

The link needs cut and pasting i'm afraid but it should work if you do that.

We also have a myspace www.myspace/the_lrm and a facebook group called, unsurprisingly, the loiterers resistance movement if that's the realm you like to explore. If you prefer the real world there are programmes available across town and at all partcipating venues or you can call/ text us on 07974929589
If you'd like a general introduction to what we do please come along to Cafe Pop, Oldham Street. this Sunday at 1pm. (NOT 2pm as this said before) We'll explain ourselves a little bit and then go exploring, doubtless ending in the pub. All welcome!

The first change to the programme is a postponement of the bench project due to health reasons; sorry. It will be rescheduled soon

The picture was taken at last nights launch party where splendid fun was had by all (except for me cos I was having a quasi religous experience with bruce springsteen)

from lonely hearts to naked cyclists

The LRM / Get Lost festival exhibition is now on at The Royal Exchange Theatre. It includes work from a variety of artists and will be on until June 28th. I've not seen it yet so I'll put more information here once i have.
Shown here is Map Sigil Ver. 3 by Sean Fitton, one of our favourite loiteres and an all round good bloke. Cheers Sean

See Hear! The Public Drawing Experiment....

Friday 30th May 11AM onwards

Jenny Trigg will be inviting passers by to show her what they see from her portable
studio which will be situated somewhere in the heart of Manchester. Come along and
help create a map of what Manchester means to you - this work will then be collated
and exhibited in Nexus.

Where to find the experiment? Well, Jenny will be on an island inhabited by painted men. Its at a crossroads where you can see glimpses of Manchesters past and it's future. below lie abandonded toilets. Right at the heart of the regeneration debate you can keep an eye on the rebuiding of the basement, the social centre drowned by fire.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Opening Shindig Tomorrow - wooohoooh

thats the 28th May - please join us 7pm at the Greenroom, Whitworth St West, Manchester.

There promises to be free drinks, cake, and lovely random nonsense, with work form The Abandoned Buildings Project and Situationist Inspired Posters.

Find us and Get Lost...

There's more on the abandoned buldings project at

This event is a joint do with our comrades from TRIP (Territories Reimagined:International Perspectives) which is being held at MMU 19 - 21 May

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

the programme pdf

viewable online version:

if that cumbersome trail does not work then please go here and click on the link to programme:

thanks to everyone who has helped put the programme together, especially simon for beautifullness, alan for formatting and proofing and caroline and julian for electronic trickery


"our ramshackleness is part of our charm"

*possibly... the lrm (sea)horse/dragon does not have a name yet... suggestions most welcome and the best will recieve a small prize.

Chris Mills plays Pre-Festival Launch Gig

Dear friends

I'm delighted to present a really special gig as a pre-festival un psychogeographic but very splendid treat. NYCs finest Chris Mills plays the Britons Protection this Friday, 23rd May, 8pm. Support comes from the wonderful Liam Dullegan and Case Hardin... that's three top notch artists for just £5 AND there will of course be vegan cake.

The 28th May heralds the start of Manchesters Second Accidental International Festival of Psychogeography, curated by The LRM.
For a month we will be invading The Royal Exchange and spaces all over Manchester to cause a spectacle, have fun, tell stories, redraw maps, ignite debates, go for walks, uncover treasure and loiter with intent to make Manchester wonderful.

For more information please check in here or email loiter(SQIGGLEAT) or call the LRM hotline on 07974929589

I really hope to see you Friday and if not very soon indeed - there's some ace treats coming up

Glittery love


help needed

if you fancy supporting the lrm the most important thing is to take to the streets and join us... but there's a few practical bits and bobs we'd like help with too

1 distributing flyers and brochures and spreading the word
2 updating the website and social networking thingummies - as you may have noticed not my strongest point
3 we have various artists and activists who want to join us but need somewhere to stay for a few nights - if you have a spare bed we'd be very grateful as morag mansions will be full and it's not fair on my housemates
4 company and recording devices for the bench project

with love and thanks

morag x

time to get lost - PROGRAMME NOW OUT

The programme has now been finalised - whoohooo - i just need to figure out somewhere to stick the pdf (forgive the technical term)

If you can't wait please email and i'll send you your own personal copy. It's at the printers so you can collect a real world carry around and take on the bus version from next week at the Royal Exchange and various other locations around town.

In the meantime you can also find details of the first few events at our affliated site (online home of MMUs TRIP Territories Reimagined: International Perspectives Conference) and by finding us on Facebook and

Tuesday, 13 May 2008


welcome to the lrm's new blog... its a collaborative effort by the shadowey collective known as The Loiterers Resistance Movement... we'll be using it to document and delight in (and probably despair of) get lost in manchester