Saturday, 14 August 2010

Peterloo Memorial

This monday is the anniversary of Peterloo and tomorrow (Sunday) there are a series of walks retracing the routes of demonstraters and ending at the gmex for a rally. See

Good stuff

Thursday, 12 August 2010

stop, look, listen

The latest edition of The Mule is especially loiterer friendly featuring an interview with our favourite CCTV chronicler David Dunnico, articles on radical history (we've mentioned it before but always worth mentioning again and on the back page some mancunian highlights many of which were suggested by loiterers

The print version of Shrieking Violet is one year old - congratulations Natalie - and the anniversary issue is a food special, it includes an article on wild food and foraging by alan and a review of the giant cake map of manchester has some really interesting ideas from Architecture students at Manchester University and Merci are currently hosting an exhibtion of their work (I was at Bridge 5 Mill to hatch a very exciting plan.... details soon...)

There's still a few days left to 'listen again' to radio fours recent documentaty on creative Hulme, with a soundtrack including our friends at single cell .