Friday, 31 May 2013

First Sunday, This Sunday June 2nd 2013

We'll be meeting 1.45 in Lincoln Square by the shoddy-but-fascinating (to me at least) diana memorial. It's going to be an experimental anti-derive as we will be constrained by the route of the manchester day parade, this means them that want to see the spectacle will be able to but there will be ample opportunity to avoid it as well. we'll explain the game on the day so please, if you're coming to this one, be on time as we won't be hanging around. It will revolve around the contested notions of manchester day and wish you were here (points will be deducted by me for anyone quoting post-syd pink floyd although i do appreciate most other loiterers disagree with me on this) Please do come and join us, its going to ramshackle and marvellous as we celebrate our love for the city. xxx

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

London Loitering

so, i'm really excited, intrigued and a tad nervous about tomorrow. be lovely to see folk. I dont know the pub - and big thanks to simon richardson for organising this - but i hope i'll be easy to spot. am short, with pink hair and i'll be wearing a frock with a peacock feather print xx
We are off for a loiter down south in that London, thanks to Simon and others who have been inviting us for ages

The big day is Sunday 19th May, and we will be meeting 2pm at The Hope and Anchor 14 Newby Place Poplar, Poplar, London, E14 0EY near All Saints DLR

We'll start with a short introduction to The LRM and psychogeography (yes, Venn Diagrams may be used) and then we'll set off on a game based derive which will include a wander around Robin Hood Gardens, a doomed modernist utopia of sorts and will doubtless end in beers.

Friday, 3 May 2013

First Sunday in May

First Sunday, This Sunday 5th May  - and yes, it has crept up on me somewhat this time!
It's going to be a slighly ramshackle, gameplaying kind of a loiter to celebrate May Day and the joy of daffodils so please bring an open mind, a big grin, some comfy shoes and if you have one a dice may come in handy.

Everyone is welcome and we'll be meeting 2pm outside the Urbis building/ football museum, due to the nature of the game I'm not sure where will be going so please try and be ontime or you may end up accidentally hide-and-seeking us.

Hope to see you soon, any queries please holler - my email is loiter AT hepzombie DOT co DOT uk and the lrm hotline is 07974929589
Love morag xx

PS apologies for the shabby web presence, making it better is one of my Summer projects, if anyone techie wants to help it would be much appreciated