Saturday 31 May 2008

Who are the LRM? What is Psychogeography? And how can I get lost in manchester with all those cctv cameras watching?

come along and find out tomorrow, sunday 1st June

1PM at Cafe Pop (downstairs in modpop boutique) Oldham Street

Sorry I said 2pm in a previous post - i was in a wee bit of a kerfuffle - but its 1pm and it would be wonderful if you could join us. They'll be a bit of background on the LRM and a natter about psychogeography, the situationists and the city today then we'll go for an exploratory derive around the northern quarter. For obvious reasons i don't know where it will all end but it's usually somewhere we can sit and share stories over a brew or pint depending on what people want. Everyone is welcome so please do come along if you fancy a pleasant wander, a bit of subversive nonsense and some convival company.

If you're unsure how to spot a psychogeographer don't be shy - we're everywhere and in all sorts of disguises - but tomorrow please look for a short lass with pink hair. (Thats true for almost all lrm events, except the cadecaus walk - even i don't know who the shadowy and elusive pegasus is....) If you're late or lost please call the batphone (number in the post below)

Also in the comments in the post below is a link to the programme that actaully works - thanks Gavin! I'll put the link somewhere prominent tomorrow but for now it's saturday and i'm bored of the computer

Hope to see you tomorrow, dear cyberspace-person. Please - turn off the computer and take to the streets with the LRM....

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