Monday, 16 June 2008


Get Lost is affiliated to the TRIP conference which will be held at MMU this Thursday - Staurday. TRIP stands for Territories Reimagined : International Perspectives and is probably the largest gathering of psychogeographers anywhere, ever!
We are proud to be a part of it but I must admit navigating the world of academia has been harder and more frustrating than I thought it would be - choppy waters surround offical events but I do truly think its worth it. Intelligence is sexy, thinking is good, books are wonderful: these are central LRM truths.
Various Loiterers are presenting papers; on Friday morning I am supposed to be talking about "Squats, Social Centres and Spectacles: Building Alternative Spaces in Manchesters Post Bomb Nirvana" I'm planning to focus on civil liberties and the recent experinences of the LRM. Alex is also presenting his work on Radicalising Research Methods.
More details about the conference can be found at
TRIP has a programme of public walks and art shows which are free, although the conference costs to attend. That said if you are reading this and desperate to get in to the conference please talk to the LRM; we have our ways and means (we have to; we're all skint ourselves)
There was a factually incorrect but charming article about TRIP in the Manchester Evening News last Friday. It has a lovely picture (another of Jane Samuels works from The Abandoned Buildings Project) but forgets to even mention us (hmmmmm) and you can read it here

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Plato's academy was easy to navigate.