Wednesday, 25 June 2008

time travel and the big debate

although the lrm are all still coming down from a triptastic weekend we're rallying our energies to bring you still more fabulous events....

The Bored in the City Time Capsule Project Tonight
25th June) 7pm at the Queen Victoria Statue, Piccadilly Gardens

Please bring along small objects to be placed in a specially designed time capsule which will be buried somewhere suitable; attendees will write cryptic clues alluding to its hiding place which will then be published as a masquerade style literary piece

Regeneration and its discontents: Urban Democracy Forum
Tomorrow (26th June) 6-8pm Nexus Dale Street

An evening of lively debate kicked off by short talks from our range of panellists including academics, journalists, activists and politicians. Come along and have your say!
We will also be having fun at the Ruinous Recollections launch, Underground Rivers walk and Garden City Social but more of that later. Pictures are from the shared TRIP flickr pool. Please add your images too

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