Monday, 2 June 2008

Coming Up Next Weekend!

Next weekend sees two quite different but equally interesting themed walks around our beloved city.

The Caduceus Walk

On Saturday (7th June) join the mysterious pegasus - and the rest of us - for a jaunt around central Manchester unearthing the mysteries of its esoteric architecture. If, like us, you weren't sure what the word esoteric actually means ('intended for or understood by only a particular group: an esoteric cult' - esoteric is actually quite an esoteric word isn't it) then come along and get initiated!

From a theatre built on Kabbalistic and Rosicurian dimensions to one of Manchester's most famous three-sided, seven-tiered public buildings. Plus, the myterious, mystical, pattern in the carpet of the city fathers, of the Golden Age of Manchester's Industrial Revolution - all will be revealed!

Dirty Old Town: A Tour of Old Ancoats

On Sunday the 8th (the very next day) we venture North West of the Northern Quarter across the ring road for a historical tour of Ancoats, the world's first industrial suburb and the cradel of the Industrial Revolution in Manchester. Discover the stories of its people and the unique buildings before gentrification clears them away.

Did you know, a fictional singer, 'Ann Coates', is credited with backing vocals on the 1986 single 'Bigmouth Strikes' Again by The Smiths, also included on their album 'The Queen Is Dead'?

On Saturday we're meeting at the Royal Exchange at 11am and on Sunday at 1pm outside The Crown and Kettle pub, Great Ancoats Street (opposite the end of Oldham Street).

We hope to see you there - please get in touch with any questions. As usual we'll be finishing each walk with beverages and chit chat.


Seán said...

I'd love to come to the Caduceus walk, but I'll be rather busy that day!

Is there any likelihood of a repeat at some point in the future?


morag said...

i hope so! there will definitley be lots of literature available

Ben Mack said...

Seán, congratulations on getting married that day and my best to Sara.

Feimatta said...

I would love it if these walks were repeated as I'm away this weekend.

Feimatta said...

I'm new to this loitering lark, but I'd like to get involved.