Thursday, 30 October 2014

November 2014 First Sunday

Hello comrades in Loitering
It's first Sunday, this Sunday, and we will be returning to the site of many significant moments in Loitering history. We've had some lovely trips to Pomona but ridiculously its five years (!) since we last made it a First Sunday destination. Please join us at St Peters Metrolink Station at 1.45, Sunday 2nd November, where we'll get the first tram after 2pm and get off at Cornbrook if anyone wants to meet us there. Please remember to wear sensible shoes and be prepared for me to talk about the mekons.
See you soon I hope
Morag x

Thursday, 2 October 2014

October 2014 First Sunday

It smells lime Autumn, a time for transformation, conkers and dazzling colours. Change is coming soon to the lrm, but first we will drift around a landscape strangely absent from our previous wanders. Meet 2pmatthe Media City metrolink stop for a Salford Quays derive. Please try and be on time, we can only promise to be in sight ofthe tram stop for 20mins or so and then who  knows where we will be? All welcome, and as ever playing out on the streets is free. Hope to see you soon.

Friday, 5 September 2014

September News

Hello everyone

First Sunday This Sunday and its going to be a rather more focused walk than the last couple of evening strolls... more details later but we'll be wandering around the senses, inspiration and hidden treasure.... meet 2pm Sunday September 7th outside Deansgate Station by the giant bicycle.

There's also a couple of other things coming up of interest.

Gothic Manchester Festival is back and even better than last time, it offers another chance for the monstrous tour concocted with the marvellous Bon Holloway

11 September is time for another Ardwick Green Heritage Celebration, it includes a histories walk of (possibly) the worlds first suburb and features dolphins, anarchists, fizzy pop and scandal.... Probably your last chance to join in as I'm leaving my job today. Details here
 (theres also a fab creative writing workshop with Michelle Green plus free cake, wine and talks)

All events are free, everyone is welcome. Just turn up on Sunday, but you need to book for Monstrous Manchester and Ardwick Green.

Hope to see you on the streets soon!

love and rage
Morag x

Friday, 8 August 2014

Library walk update

Hello dear loiterers

A quick reminder... if anyone wants to speak at the public inquiry into the stopping up order for Libray Walk in October you MUST submit a statement of intent to the Planning Inspectorate by next Tuesday, 12th August. I'm doing a post office run for guaranteed special delivery on Monday morning so if you want me to print out and send I need them by Sunday. Please let me know if you need more information about what to write, it does not have to be long and the Friends of Library Walk are here to support you (email tel 07974929589)

I've been spending far too many hours out of the sunshine learning about rights of way, public realm and crime figures but its worth it, we're getting a really strong argument together and a great deal of support. More voices are always welcome, its a chance to speak up for our civic heritage, for beauty, imagination, public space and freedom and to challenge scare mongering and dodgy consultations.

For a small ginnel sir richard considers an accident Library Walk is generating a great deal of noise! Thanks for all your support so far, and if you are on twitter please follow #savelibrarywalk

with love


Friday, 1 August 2014

august first sunday

Hello dear loiterers, August brings another time shift: our first sunday derive will actually be on wednesday 6th august meeting 6pm at the thirsty scholar on oxford road. Martin the mod is serving free ital curry 5-8 for ska night (first come, first served) so we will set of at 6.30 prompt to allow for those that want tea first. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Julys First Sunday

Hello everyone and merry July

Its First Sunday this Sunday and as previously mentioned our dérive has time shifted away into the week as I'll be be in a field somewhere listening to music and various others are drifting elsewhere too so it's time for one of our occasional week day wanders. We'll meet on Tuesday 8th July 6pm at the Sandbar on Grovesnor Street and go for an evening stroll. I hope to see you there
love Morag x

ps last month we played with game peices reclaimed from car manufacturing,. and it was a great pleasure to reclaim something to celebrate the pedestrian from the automobile. Massive thanks to John for his aquisitive powers. Like many compadres he has many interesting projects, and although its not psychogeographic if you like music I heartily recommend his website here:

pps if anyone wants to adopt a first sunday and create your own derive you would be very welcome, please get in touch with me for details of how

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Angels and demons

You may recall Steve Millington and I facilitated a walking tour of Angel Meadow as part of Manchester Histories Festival. The event was a great success, with very positive feedback and I am delighted to let you know that we are repeating the tour on 22nd June 2014. Places are once again limited and more details can be found here: