Wednesday, 30 March 2016

April 2016

It's First Sunday, this Sunday

We have a departure from the derive with a special wander exploring the right to roam. Don Lee of the Open Spaces Society is working and walking with me on a tour of contested paths and sites in Manchester. Some of you know Don and how much excellent work he has done over the years and I am so excited that he is sharing his knowledge and experience. The route is somewhat experimental at the moment as this is also a recce mission for later in the year. We will be starting 10am Sunday April 3rd (note the earlier time) on the steps of Manchester Town Hall. All loiterers welcome. The final tour will be one of the special events to be held during Loitering With Intent: The Art and Politics of Walking, an exhibition The LRM are organising at The Peoples History Museum. It opens July 23rd; more details soon.