Thursday, 28 April 2016

First Sunday and Other Adventures

Hello dear friends and fellow loiterers

Its First Sunday, This Sunday and it also happens to be May Day. Due to many loiterers having other commitments, and also because I’ve had a few requests for a night time derive, we are shifting meeting times slightly. We will be gathering 8.30pm on Tuesday 3rd May at the main entrance to Piccadilly Railway Station for a nocturnal wander. We’ll end about 10pm with a drink and a blether somewhere. We will be back to having First Sunday on a First Sunday again in June.

There are also various events of interest in Manchester this week:

The excellent 4x4 discussions are back and this time focusing on Big Questions (I’m on the Money panel this Wednesday 4th)

Manchester Left Writers Launchpad Project The Powerhouse Liberation Movement opens on Thursday 5th

The Holden Gallery have an exhibition on landscape with some free film screenings

Later this month we will be sharing details of our exhibition at The Peoples History Museum, called Loitering With Intent: The Art and Politics of Walking it includes a programme of events so psychogeography can blossom all over the streets this summer.

Hope to see you soon


Morag x