Sunday, 15 June 2008

North Manchester infested with dragons...

Dragon #7 / Map1 DE-BC

Nobody came along to help me hunt for dragons and fearful beasts on Sunday. You all too scared or something? Despite the no show I still had a nice time exploring new unknown stretches of Manchester as a lone ranger, finding about 100 dragons (some of whom did not refuse to be photographed) and collecting one or two bits and pieces along the way.

I shall be repeating the trip on Wednesday at 5pm. We'll keep the same meeting place, in Victoria Station by the big map (and curiously two bronze dragon slayers on the plaque beneath). Alternatively drop in and pick up a DIY holey map from Nexus on Dale Street and bring back the evidence (as of Monday evening).

Dragon Slayers in Victoria Station

Be nice to have a few extra reporters on board to turn the show at Nexus into more of a group effort. I would like to see how other people tackle the task, and what alternative slants are taken towards the mapping of disappearing territories.

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