Friday, 27 June 2008

hidden rivers, flowing beer and sweet sweet music

It's the grand finale of get lost tomorrow and we are going out on a high.....
The Hidden Rivers of Manchester
Meet 4pm outside The Royal Exchange Theatre (St Annes Square)
Manchester is a city built on capital, not geography. It's rivers lie buried beneath concrete and steel, culverted and diverted, polluted and buried. We will locate the lost rivers of Manchester - the Irk, the Tib, the Gore to trace their paths and explore their forgotten potential. NB this is an above ground walk and you shouldnt get wet unless it's raining.
Afterwards Garden City Social are hosting a shindig for us at The Britons Protection (as close to the river as we could find a pub with a music license) We're asking for a suggested donation of £3 on the door for the gig towards the cost of staging events but it will be easy to sneak in if you are skint.
The night will be starring Dan Seizure- electro nonsense from the Forrest Cafe, Edinburgh,
Ryan Van Winkle Poet and visionary (also from the Forrest), You and Boo - Urban pastoral outta Hulme and Samson and Delilah - Long hair and lullabies plus I think there will be more pictures from those naughty urban explorers
Please come and join us, and if you do - mine's a makers mark with ice.

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