Friday, 13 June 2008

no camping on this site...

A week ago City Co informed the LRM that they would not allow us to pitch tent in any alcoves, nooks and disuded crannies near the city centre that fall under their jurisdiction. Over the past few days I have been scouring the city for alernative sites on private or university owned grounds, zig-zagging through the long corridors of commerce, power and security. Despite many words of support and interest towards the different projects that are taking place, there was always a hook, regulation or complication somewhere along the lines (usually at the end).

Our public space is owned, privately monitored and carefully regulated. There were refreshing moments of hope. Those that provide (or at least turn a blind eye to) a secret hideaway, escaping the watchful eye of the estate management or council patrols, and offering the homeless half a place of shelter without being moved on to new grounds. Sad that these seem o be an exception. I will donate the tent that somebody offered me for the project to somebody who might really need it.

Sorry to all those would-be-campers. I'll still leave the pocket guide to mushrooms at the Nexus Cafe for anybody who would like to go picking (or at least peeling). I've heard that the damp Mancunian weather provides the perfect conditions for a variety of fungi, edible and poisonous.

So the camping will have to wait for a couple of weeks, after which we will be doing the project in Germany (permission is already granted!). I'll be up to various other things though, and please come along on Sunday to help collect for the Nexus exhibition of dragons and other fearful beasts (see other post).

Best wishes and hope to see you all soon,

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morag said...

At the end of the festival the LRM will be issuing a compendimium including all the things we have learnt about public space in manchester.

Just to clarify it was City Co who manage the city centre we met with - they had various health and safety concerns which we well respect. The council have supported this project with a small grant (hence the nice flyers) Again - more details to follow.

The post I'm commenting on was written by Kaspar as this is a collective blog although it looks like everything is authored by mets not (but most is) xxx