Wednesday, 1 October 2008

October news

Dear friends and fellow loiterers

I hope you are well and happy and finding joy in the iridescent autumnal light. Lots of news to share this month so I’ll not dither

October’s First Sunday Shenanigans will proceed from the café at John Rylands Library, Deansgate, THIS SUNDAY October 5th at 2pm. There we will be revealing a secret mission which, if you choose to accept it, will add a whole new dimension to your loitering fun…. We’re keeping the details sketchy so it will be a wonderful surprise

The day before the LRM will be joining forces with The Manchester Women’s Design Group (MWDG) for an Urban Wander Saturday 4th October, 12noon-2pm. We’ll be thinking about how the city makes us feel, how we interact with it and if our gender shapes perception. Maps, like roles, can restrict and liberate us… This is a collaborative adventure. As well as interrogating the ‘man made’ environment, we’ll be sharing tales and hidden herstory.

The meeting point is in Urbis Café but unlike other LRM events you must book in advance for this one, please email Hannah at WDS on Men and children are welcome to join us. MWDG is a group of women from interested in gender and the built environment. They share information, learn and lobby decision makers to ensure that proper attention is paid to the needs and aspirations of women in way our towns and cities are planned and designed. Their website is at

Our clever friends who prove GPS isn’t all bad The Open Street Map Project are hosting another Manchester mapping weekend on 25th 26th October. The venue details are yet to be confirmed, more details are available from

If anyone technologically minded has a spare afternoon I would really like to get the LRM mailing list and website sorted this month and will gladly repay you with cake. In the meantime, as ever, apologies for cyber tardiness and cross / lost postings but the streets tempt me so much more than the screen

Last month we introduced the world to CCTV bingo; no one has called ‘house’ yet so the prize is still up for grabs. Do get in touch if you would like a game card. More information about the issues raised can be found at or from an international situationist perspective

I have been trying to write something about the psychogeographical effects of the enhanced security and paranoia the labour conference bought to town. I’ve been too angry for coherance but that, along with various apocalyptic stories I’ve been told recently, have left me feeling a bit scared and gloomy so I’ve hatched a plan to harvest these feelings and transform them into an LRM extravaganza….

Trick or treat? Where are you scared of in Manchester? Is there somewhere you’d love to go but fear stops you investigating? Please let us know at,uk or via the facebook group and get ready for a terrifying experiment to celebrate Samhain…. Let’s turn our fear into a positive energy… together we can transform Manchester

Future plans If I can be metaphysical for a moment where should the LRM be going? If you have an idea or a dream of a derive, walk, game or random psychogeographical project we would love to help make it real. It would also be good to have a few future First Sundays planned and publicized in advance. Please, do share your thoughts on this and don’t be shy. The LRM is an open collective and we welcome everyone

I hope our wandering paths cross soon

Love and toffee apples

The loiterers resistance movement

PS don’t forget… 2pm at John Rylands café, Sunday 5th October


sward said...

Ooh, surprises! I should make it on Sunday, I think I can wake up by 2pm :)

The mapping weekend will be based from Marbella Café on Newton Street. More details at:

I may have a spare afternoon or two. Let me know what you want doing and when I get back to my email I'll see what I can do.

morag said...

brilliant, be really good to see you. Its been ages! Marbellas a good space, am off there in a minute actually x