Sunday, 26 October 2008

November 1st Sunday

Come and celebrate All Souls' Day, the feast of the faithful departed and a belated Samhain with the LRM.

We'll search manchester for traces od the King of Witches, listen to the whisper of ghosts beneath the pavement and share Dee-lightful stories of our favourite Elizabethan alchemsit. Be prepared for a few ghoulish suprises, magical street art and some spectral silliness too...

All welcome to join us, (kids must bring an adult with them) The drift will last approx 2 hours so please dress appropriately (zombies and vampires will get a special treat), bring an open mind and sensible shoes and remember to take care when crossing roads - we don't want any new departures.

Meeting point is 2pm Sunday 2nd November in the downstairs bar at the cornerhouse, if you're feeling shy please feel free to call or email first, otherwise look for the short lass with pink hair

glittery love and toffee apples

Morag x

PS I finally have some LRM (un)business cards to give out too - so when we meet curious bystamders we can invite them along. Oh and I hope everyone notices this is A FULL WEEK in advance - yes, this month I actually saw first sunday coming!

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Seán said...

I'll be there! My brain may be in a bucket at home but I'll be there.

The spirit of the King of the Witches may join us too!