Sunday, 12 October 2008

free spaces

Tuesday night there is a meeting about the future (or not) of The Basement Social Centre Collective Thats 14th October at the Friends Meeting House (Mount Street) 6-8pm (becuase 24 lever street is still closed post fire and flood)

a chance to find out whats happening with the basement collective, think about whether manchester wants or needs another social centre and find out what everyone has been up to since the fire last year please come along, share your thoughts and help shape the future. If you can;t make it but have something to say please email

I won't witter on again about the place but heres a poem by Chloe Poems

Jigsaw puzzle of afterthought
And heartfelt pieces
Misfits fit and click into
Each other's pictures.
The cautious tread careful
As the gregarious dismount their politics
Rogue riders and bicycle cops
Dust dirt and gravel.
Ideas are flown like kites and happen.
It's where Carol Batton Tickertapes
And decorates with poetry.
Bookshop like a clam twitching on
A seabed of radical oratory.
Performance space speculates
"Whatever next?"
Held together by blutack
And hope.
Moth-eaten northern nirvana
Of atheist blessed anarchy
A hidey-hole
A headquarters
A honeycomb
A home

Yesterday was International Action Day "Freedom not fear - Stop the surveillance mania!"
which I'm sorry passed me by. By coincidence I was in Liverpool to look at art but it felt shallow as i walked down church street and saw police arresting people for the audacity of having an information stall in a public space and talking about freedom of speech. Scarey. More details when i have them. I did Richard Wilsons Tuning The Place Over - best bit of public art I've seen in a long time

Love Morag x

Ps this is lovely and very inspiring: power and love to the climate rushers

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Seán said...

Unable to make this for fairly obvious reasons, but I'd love to hear what's happening.