Tuesday, 28 October 2008

November First Sunday and Beyond

Dear friends, flanuers and fellow loiterers

Lot's going on this month, i hope some of this hits the spot that x marks on your personal map...
November 1st Sunday Come and celebrate All Souls' Day, the feast of the faithful departed and a belated Samhain with the LRM.

We'll search Manchester for traces of the King of Witches, listen to the whisper of ghosts beneath the pavement and share Dee-lightful stories of our favourite Elizabethan alchemist. Be prepared for a few ghoulish surprises, magical street art and some spectral silliness too...All welcome to join us, but kids must bring an adult with them.

The drift will last approx 2 hours so please dress appropriately (zombies and vampires will get a special treat), bring an open mind and sensible shoes and remember to take care when crossing roads - we don't want any new departures.

Meeting point is 2pm Sunday 2nd November in the downstairs bar at the Cornerhouse Oxford Road, if you're feeling shy please feel free to get in touch first, otherwise look for the short lass with pink hairThis Thursday - special guests being inducted into the LRM world

This Thursday evening, 30th November I am very excited to be meeting with members of Antwerpen Averechts http://translate.google.co.uk/translathl=en&sl=nl&u=http://www.antwerpenaverechts.be/&sa=X&oi=translate&resnum=1&ct=result&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dantwerpen%2Baverechts%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DX (excuse the very long link, I'm assuming everyone else is as ignorant at languages as I am)

Antwerp counterproductive organizes tours about their city today but with an eye to the city yesterday and tomorrow which they say are (and I love this phrase) Critical but with a warm heart for the city and its inhabitants.

I'll be talking about the LRM and then we will be exploring public space and how it feels in the dark. If anyone wants to join us that would be splendid – please email or phone me for details as the meeting points a wee bit sketchy but it will be 7-9pmish and end somewhere warm for a chat and a drink.

I'd really appreciate your support and will furnish you with the beverage of your choice. They are particularly interested in guerrilla gardening if anyone knows anything about that hem hem.

There will be another moonlight derive, general social and chance to plan future shenanigans on November 25th 6pm onwards - more details to follow but just to prove I do listen to those who can't come out to play on First Sunday or indeed in daylight

We now have some LRM (un)business cards to give out - so when loiterers meet curious bystanders they can invite them along, although please be respectful and remember they are not get out of jail free cards. It is an offense to flyer in the city centre without a permit.

Finally I heartily recommend going to Cube to discover How Yellow is Manchester? http://www.cube.org.uk/exhibitions/detail.asp?id=189

Please forward this as you see fit, also apologies if you don't want it or only get it too late, the email list is still a bit messy but some kind folk have offered to help and I promise to fix it very soon

Thanks as ever for your interest, insights and inspiration

glittery love and toffee apples

Morag x

PS The LRM has always aimed to be an international network and we now have loiterers across several continents – so we're planning a synchronized something for Decembers 1st Sunday…. If you are loitering anywhere outside Manchester, from Altrincham to Antarctica and fancy taking part in our biggest experiment yet please let me know. Contact details as ever are email loiter@hepzombie.co.uk phone 07974929589 website www.nowhere-fest.blogspot.com or join the facebook group

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