Tuesday, 12 May 2009


MAY 15th 8.00pm

Manchester has a fine tradition of orators, thinkers, dreamers, dissidents, mavericks and mischief makers of all sorts – ours is a city full of art and magic and fury and ACTION.
The LRM want to revive our cities proud tradition of street corner revolutionaries and reclaiming public space for discussion and debate

Our speakers corner will be materialising this Friday thanks to Single Cells audacious Guerrilla Busking spectacular (part of Futuresonic and more details can be found here http://www.singlecell.co.uk/ )

Step up and have your say… share a bright idea or a burning desire …demonstrate your mastery of polemic and help us start to set the world to rights

Please come and find us 7.30pm in The Britons Protection – we’ll be moving out in the open for 8.00pm

For more information and to guarantee your voice will be heard please email loiter@hepzombie.co.uk or text 079749 29589

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