Tuesday, 19 May 2009

i went to sheffield yesterday and was struck by how it the most clearly signposted english city i can think of. maps about every five minutes walk apart and many arrows pointing towards the heart of the city. what does this mean for loitering in south yorkshire? hmmm. anyway i was on a quest to see my favourite band in the world - the handsome family - and tonight they will be playing in manchester, at the ruby lounge. its not stricly psychogeographical, although they do conjour up magical realms, but i can't quite put into words how much i love them. come to the gig, it will be ace.... x


Pete Green said...

Hey Morag, how's it going? Tell me next time you're in Sheffield and we'll go for a wander!

morag said...

hi pete, it was a somewhat last minute and decadent trip to be honest but yeah i will holler next time. good to hear from you, how is life as a sparkly indie pop hero / father / all round good bloke? i'm always surprised when people read the blog xx