Friday, 1 May 2009

May Day Minifest: Loiterers of the World Unite!

Dear friends, faeries and fellow loiterers

I hope this finds you in a good place. I just wanted to send you a quick reminder of our May Day Bank Holiday shennanigans

Tomorrow is the Great Urban Fox Hunt – a giant game of hide and seek – more details are below, please let me know if you want to join in as there is, unusually for The LRM, A Plan. Not a route, of course that would be silly, but we do indeed have A Plan. Incidentally case anyone is in any doubt WE ARE NOT HARMING ANY ANIMALS. Hunters are scum. Loitering hurts noone and leaves no trace save the ephemeral nature of our stories

I am also very excited about Bank Holiday Monday May 4th; One of my all time favourite musicians the wonderful Chris Mills will be playing a special concert live in my living room…. Wooohoooh…. support will come from the splendid Quiet Loner …. High quality entertainment guaranteed The party is on May 4th (Bank Holiday Monday) from 6pm; the music will be done by 10pm because of buses and work and suchlike.

There will, of course, be scrummy cake and lots of tea but please bring your own booze. A proverbial hat will be passed round to pay for the artists so please be generous. If you need the address or more information just holler. Please RSVP if possible so I know how much cake to make

Of course between Saturday and Monday lies the first Sunday of the month, our traditional day to gather. It’s wonderful going for a walk with people; my heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who has ever joined in with one of our derives. It truly wouldn’t be the same without you.
However, loitering is not to be confined to first Sundays and it does not require company; indeed some delicacy and discretion can be lost in the crowd. Sometimes the chatter and the bustle, no matter how inspiring, can drown out the daydream and scare away the imaginary realm. Loitering is truly a state of mind that we can all master; I don’t want to tell you where to go and if I try then please, don’t listen to me.

Bearing all this in mind I humbly suggest this months first Sunday derive should be a DIY affair. Please don’t think me rude or lazy for suggesting this, although to be frank I think I’ll need some solitude and rest in between two amazing and gregarious encounters.

I’m rather taken with the idea of the city, indeed the world (hello Steffi synchronising with us in Bonn) being full of disparate flaneurs all united even in their isolation. The theme I shall be focusing on with my personal meander is nature; it’s so abundant and beautiful at the moment as finally celebrate Beltaine.

The canal seems a good place to start; it’s biodiversity is breathtaking and water always makes me feel calm. If you choose to go on a walk please share a few words for the blog or a picture for flicker. If you don’t fancy a stroll Subversive Spaces finishes its tenure at the Whitworth on Monday; it’s highly recommended.

I hope to see you Monday or Saturday or indeed we may even collide on Sunday; serendipity is a curious thing

With love and guitars

Morag x

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