Monday, 6 April 2009

messages received

A message from MCC (no, not the council, but I'm not sure they have decided what the acronym does stand for)

Tomorrow at the Britons Protection 7.30 there's a meeting for everyone
interested in a FutureSonic Mapping Event for May, basically this meeting is to
look at a creative mapping event and the interactive cultural map part of the
MCC portal website. Everyone is more than welcome.

Also big thanks to Sara for the derive report / exhibition review - I wanted to snaffle these words for the blog because they uncannily echo my own thoughts (dyswid?!)

The only thing I would add is that its worth going early to try and get a ticket to Gregor Shneider's Kinderzimmer. I was sceptical but found it truly disorientating, surprisingly disturbing and ultimately very inspiring.

Also a sub theme for me at the moment is daft signs being bossy, faux intimidating or just stating the bleeding obvious. I spied a prime example today whilst trapped in the MRI labyrinth. Danger of second rate public art be heeded indeed!

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