Friday, 3 April 2009

The LRMs Springtime Treasury

Dear friends, dreamers, mischief makers and fellow loiterers

I hope this finds you in the finest of fettles.

There has been much to celebrate this week as Spring has finally sprung and several of the LRMs favourite feast days needed commemorating – Beltane, All Fools Day, my Nan’s birthday, the anniversary of the Diggers on Saint Georges Hill…. I walked through the graveyard on my way to work this morning and there were bluebells and daffodils scattered amongst the headstones; a truly beautiful sight and a sign we’ve made it through another winter.

It feels important to focus on the positive, the sacred and the kindred at the moment because I’ll confess I’ve been tempted to dwell on grim thoughts; it’s hard not to sometimes and we can’t simply ignore those who seek to repress our rights, to keep us moving along a narrow path, shopping and consuming and believing lies and brooding on our superficial differences.

Walking and playing should not be subversive and shame on those who wish to make it so. An open mind, a questioning spirit and a desire to explore our city are wonderful things; these are amongst the values shared by all those who join with The LRM, although we are a diverse bunch and disagree on many things from the Beetham tower to Girls Aloud our hearts are true and debate is what makes the post derive pint so much fun.

We’ll be gathering this Sunday, 5th April outside the Whitworth Gallery at 2pm for a wander encompassing all this and more. It seems to me the world makes more sense when walking and listening to the stories of the city, multiple and marvellous and contradictory as they are. Let’s make every step a journey towards the Manchester of our dreams.

I’d also like to invite you to join the LRM for some very special events that take us beyond First Sunday so come one, come all and experience a cornucopia of pleasures

Subvurt: Surveillance – The CCTV Cabaret

Tuesday April 14th 7pm at The Britons Protection (show starts 7.30)

A night of ace music, short films, comedy ranting and miscellaneous shenanigans about public space, civil liberties, the database state and more. Prepare to laugh, cry, sigh and get angry...

The superb Quiet Loner will be playing a special themed set, and other musical delights will be provided by The Shrieking Violets (gorgeous lofi pop thrills) and You and Boo (yummy wonky folky loveliness)

O a fine selection of short films from around the world for your entertainment
O visuals from urban explorers - hidden secrets they dare to uncover
O info from No Borders, No2ID, MAA, the LRM and more (bring stuff to share if you have it) about what is going on in Manchester
O biometric data raffle, free DIY camouflage kits, nice cake and other surprises

Entry Free / donations – all proceeds to Manchester No Borders

The LRM are also planning Three Games for May, a mini festival turning the city into a giant playground and reclaiming Bank Holidays from shopping and chores so please don’t leave town for a minibreak.

O Saturday May 2nd – The Great Urban Fox Hunt. Note: no foxes are involved.
O Sunday May 3rd – First Sunday Derive (any suggestions welcome)
O Monday May 4th – a not very secret actually secret gig by one of my favourite ever musicians Chris Mills

More details will follow soon on where I have also posted news of many events our friends are organising so please do have a look. Sorry for my tardiness in not updating it more regularly, it is a horrible modern cliché to say I’m busy but the truth is loiterers belong on the streets, in the sunshine and not behind screens.

On that note I shall take my own advice and go for a mooch to see what else I can discover. If you’re feeling lost and need more info on the above please email, call 07974929589 or join the dreaded facebook group

I hope our paths collide soon, on Sunday or at Subvurt:Surveillance or somewhere random over the rainbow

Glittery love


PS I unreservedly apologise to anyone who feels I have been inciting criminal behaviour by encouraging people to look at (gasp) CCTV cameras. Have you seen those terrible, scaremongering and factually unverifiable billboards? I am it appears a terrorist for daring to even notice them. actually I withdraw that apology. I’m unrepentant and refuse to stop thinking. Please, don’t be scared. Come out and play instead.

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