Thursday, 23 April 2009

May day min-fest of music and merriment

The LRM cordially invite you to Three Games for May, a mini festival turning the city into a giant playground and reclaiming Bank Holidays from shopping and chores. Please don’t leave town for a minibreak and join us for some creative mischief instead….

O Saturday May 2nd – The Great Urban Fox Hunt – a giant game of hide and seek exploring how we move across the city, where prying eyes can’t reach and the power bestowed by a high-visibilty jacket. Note: no actual foxes will involved because real hunting is for evil scummers.

At two o’clock hunters will don their luminous amour and begin to track down their prey from their own unique starting point. They must observe rules alien to their species and remain at all times courteous, on foot and within the law. Before they can apprehend their target they must first locate a critical number of brethren: just one hunter is no match for a majestic fox and until they have strength from the mob they may look but not touch.

The fox must remain in public view; they can wander anywhere within the designated boundary as long as they are not hidden from sight – so for example they may visit a shop or cafĂ© but can’t hide in a cupboard. Both the hunters and the fox are encouraged to talk to bystanders, enlist their help and beware of surprise tricks and traps on the streets they roam… At approximately four o’clock the trumpets will signal the end and all shall proceed, in victory or otherwise, to somewhere pleasant for refreshments and to exchange tales of derring do.

TO PLAY: Please send an email saying tally ho! to or text the same to 07974929589 and we’ll send a map and full instructions. Also please let us know if you happen to have a stash of jackets we can borrow

O Sunday May 3rd – First Sunday.

There is much to celebrate and explore this month: Beltaine (again), Discoflux, May Day and the amazing nature blossoming all along our canals. Frankly I’ve not come up with a focus yet and will doubtless be rather preoccupied (and knackered) with the other shenanigans so if anyone has been nurturing a plan for a derive you’d like to share this would be a wonderful time to do it; I for one would be very grateful. Please do get in touch if you can help and I’ll make sure the full might of the LRM is with you. If there are several offers we can allocate future months too so please, don’t be shy.

O Monday May 4th – A splendid chance to hear some excellent music in a unique environment (doors open 6pm)

One of my all time favourite musicians the wonderful Chris Mills will be playing a special concert live in a living room somewhere down home on the range.…. Wooohoooh…. support will come from the splendid Quiet Loner and probably mystery guests…. High quality entertainment guaranteed!

There will, of course, be scrummy cake and lots of tea but please bring your own booze. A proverbial hat will be passed round to pay for the artists (suggested donation £3 / £5) The music will be done by 10pm because of buses and neighbours and work and suchlike.

PLEASE RSVP BY EMAIL TO IF YOU PLAN TO COME, there is limited capacity – plus I need to give you the address and make sure we have enough cake. Do pass on this message to let other lovely people in on the not-so-secret secret house gig of the year (no wingnuts will be gained admittance)

I hope to see you soon; in the meantime please take care and enjoy the bluebells

Glittery love

Morag x

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