Wednesday, 18 February 2009

terror alert

To be a loiterer means making a commitment to freedom and fun and exploring the city.

This requires no special skills or equipment, although an open mind, a keen sense of the absurd, sensible clothing and a curious eye are more or less prerequisite. Many loiterers do have artistic skills or like to carry a camera around to document their adventures - not only can this provide a lovely reminder but can be shared for the enjoyment of distant comrades. Many examples of the loiterers art can be found, for example via our Flcker account.

I've spoken before, and doubtless will do so again, about how loitering is a fundamental human right - we own the city, although the big monolith THEY may not like us to realise this - and one of many serious threats to that right is the insidious sense of fear instilled in us through nonsense scare stories in the media and petty regulations telling us what we can;t do and that its a privilege to be allowed on the streets at all

I'll come to the no kissing zone at Warrington Central another day when i've worked out if its a spoof or not (and when i've got over my bitterness about noone wanting to snog me) and because actually a new law has come into effect which would (like so many) be funny if it didn't infer such sinister intentions.

It is now an offence to photograph a police officer; chilling if like too many i know you may have cause for concern about their actions on occasion. Yes, Section 76 of the Counter Terrorism Act makes it a criminal act should a policeman stray into your camera shot - annoyingly it is perfectly OK for them to intimidate legitimate and legal protesters by waving a lens in their faces. Ho hum.

More information: (note the naughty games they play) (british journal of photographers) (nice protest video) (in case you need a reminder of what the police actually do. Its very funny)

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