Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Cross bones graveyard is an amazing place to loiter and just the kind of heritage i think should be celebrated Various good people have been sending round a petition to protect it (I'll be frank, i'm not much for petitions actually but perhaps i'm getting soft as i signed it and hope you will too)

I have a strange relationship with southwark, associating it contradicarily with hospital visits and special treats, when i was there last week i finally saw a pub of family legend which my dad often talked about but which i doubted existed.

Not had owt to do with crossbones since my Dragon days (or the ill fated self help group for mystics as Carol Batton called it) but i'm inspired to drift there next time i'm south

A PLAQUE has mysteriously appeared, commemorating the Southwark prostitutes who were buried in unconsecrated, forgotten graves... the Winchester Geese (were) the prostitutes employed by the Bishop of Winchester. South London Press, 6th November 1998

The plaque, adorned with varnished flowers, was widely believed to be the work of a local Working Girl named Emily. It read: ‘To fix in time, this site the Crossbones Graveyard, where… the Whores and the Paupers of the Southwark Liberty, in graves unconsecrated, lay resting... where now, at Millennial turning, the Whores and the Paupers and our Friends return incarnate, in ritual, with tribute and offerings, to honour, to remember...’ The Southwark Mysteries by John Constable, Oberon Books 1999,

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