Wednesday, 11 February 2009

subversive spaces and community places

A really ace weekend coming up.

I'll be at Subversive Spaces Conference Dwelling Walking Falling (there's an option to turn up and pay on the day) which sounds fascinating - i've heard really great things about the exhibition so expect a review sometime next week. If you are going too please come and say hi - it is strange and wonderful so many people are kindreds of the LRM but we are yet to meet, please don't be shy.

Whilst we're talking and listening about walking there is action to be had too - oh the irony and how much i've changed. I am sad about the clash as I'd love to go to Platt Fields too, but its an ongoing process so there will be time enough
Anyhow last night I met some lovely folk with a beautiful plan to create a new social centre in Manchester - its very exciting and much needed - i've cut and pasted an email from them below as its their project and deserves their words

Hola ninos de la nueva planeta,Hope we have all had a fine day.

I would like to invite you all to our first open day at the Platt Chapel, that shall take place this coming Saturday at the Chapel itself (wilmslow rd, opposite O.P campus). Last week we had a very successful and positive meeting with many people who shared our excitement of creating a community project, an autonomous space for those who wish to use it.

It was decided that the way to go forward was for everybody to meet up at the space for a nice cup of tea, maybe even abit of cake and most definitely a good old chin wag. So from 1 pm the doors, of our very dusty, slightly dilapidated and probably very cold, chapel (not to discourage anybody, for the building itself is truly magnificent) shall be open to all that wish to enter.

At the moment the project is very much in its early stages and it needs all the help it can get, so please come along this Saturday to share ideas, be inspired and get involved.

I have attached a bit of information that tries to explain the dream and also the minutes from the last meeting. (note i have not put these on the blog but you can get them by email of course) The main thing to keep in mind is at these early stages anything could go and it is up to all of us to decide and make these ideas a reality.

looking forward to seeing many friendly faces

peace, love and light to you all x

P.S if anybody would like to join us on Friday it is action satisfaction
day, that is cleaning and gardening, getting the old place ready for Saturday.
we shall be there from about 11am.

for more info contact Ben 07846894351 or rick 07891095245

Please go along and support the open day (take cake to share if you can please!) its a great chance to have a nose around and contribute to the creation of something new and exciting

The photo "commemorates" the other big event of the week: the arrival of tesco opposite my house. hooray. another street sliding into conformity and dullness and more local shops under threat. How thoughtful to install cttv before the groceries.

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