Tuesday, 7 May 2013

London Loitering

so, i'm really excited, intrigued and a tad nervous about tomorrow. be lovely to see folk. I dont know the pub - and big thanks to simon richardson for organising this - but i hope i'll be easy to spot. am short, with pink hair and i'll be wearing a frock with a peacock feather print xx
We are off for a loiter down south in that London, thanks to Simon and others who have been inviting us for ages

The big day is Sunday 19th May, and we will be meeting 2pm at The Hope and Anchor 14 Newby Place Poplar, Poplar, London, E14 0EY near All Saints DLR

We'll start with a short introduction to The LRM and psychogeography (yes, Venn Diagrams may be used) and then we'll set off on a game based derive which will include a wander around Robin Hood Gardens, a doomed modernist utopia of sorts and will doubtless end in beers.

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