Friday, 31 May 2013

First Sunday, This Sunday June 2nd 2013

We'll be meeting 1.45 in Lincoln Square by the shoddy-but-fascinating (to me at least) diana memorial. It's going to be an experimental anti-derive as we will be constrained by the route of the manchester day parade, this means them that want to see the spectacle will be able to but there will be ample opportunity to avoid it as well. we'll explain the game on the day so please, if you're coming to this one, be on time as we won't be hanging around. It will revolve around the contested notions of manchester day and wish you were here (points will be deducted by me for anyone quoting post-syd pink floyd although i do appreciate most other loiterers disagree with me on this) Please do come and join us, its going to ramshackle and marvellous as we celebrate our love for the city. xxx

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