Friday, 22 March 2013

ways to escape

The ways to escape derive will start at 2220 nq tomorrow, saturday at 2pm to mark the end of the exhibition. probably the last talkie walk for a while, not least because it draws together various avenues of exploration explored recently and i feel the need to wander in new directions. All welcome xx

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Philip Duval said...

Public talk in Manchester:

Inequality, Crime and the Banks: a talk with former Scotland Yard Fraud Squad Officer Rowan Bosworth-Davies

Thursday 4th April, 7pm @ Friends Meeting House

Rowan will focus on:

- the changes in the financial sector's culture following the era of the 1986 Big Bang deregulation
- the dangerous disconnect between those who invest money and those who handle it
- how greed has become a badge of honour for City financiers
- how bankers have significantly increased their take of the wealth created in the UK, and how these developments have led to a significant increase in the gap between the obscenely rich and the ordinary citizen
- how the regime of extreme inequality being created will lead to greater social unrest, public disorder and civic disobedience

and most importantly how simply enforcing the law can stop it

Book tickets here: