Thursday, 4 April 2013

First Sunday March 2013

First Sunday, this Sunday. Woohooooh

To celebrate the first sighting of spring flowers, and becuase i put things to a vote amongst the participants of the art of walking and promised to curate their chosen walk there are actually 2 simultaneous loiters happening this weekend.

We will be starting at Piccadilly Gardens, 2pm, by the memorial tree and then you can choose from infinite paths; those 1 shall be facilitating will be

a)  Ways of Looking, Being, Seeing The City
Small groups are given a series of instructions, each is a different way of exploring the city as you walk, it’s playful and offers a chance to discover unusual, imaginative and overlooked dimensions of the urban landscape.

b) Drinking In the City
This performative guided tour explores the cultural geography of drinking and how it has shaped the city, discussing issues around prohibition, public health, entertainment, class, and the history of specific pubs (its not changed much since i ran this towards the end of last year)

We'll be gathering together at 4ish to swap travellers tales and share a beverage or 2 somewhere in the northern quarter. as ever first sunday is free because the streets belong to us all (although i still want the EDL to fuck right off).

All welcome to come and play out with us but please, please be prompt if you wish to take part or this could all turn into a logistical nightmare!xx

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