Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Save Library Walk!

Library walk is one of my favourite places in manchester, the sensuous curves, the glimpse of the sky, the possibility for disappearances, daydreams and transportations it offers..... truly a portal. The space between places, especially two such important and well loved buildings, matters. However my objections to the ghastly plans for a canopy and gates are more than aesthetic. This is a symbolic fight too and one worth rallying diverse troops for. I'ts about another piece of public space being eroded, about sham consultations and wasteful funding decisions by the council. It's about the commercialisation of everything and the disgraceful idea that the way to protect women from sexual violence is to restrict access to keep us safe. It's about respecting the memory of peterloo, our radical history, our civil amenities and our right to the streets. It's about more than an alleyway, gorgeous though it is. Watch this space for more details and please, lets work together to #savelibrarywalk The campaign group is meeting for the first time this thursday 6pm at the bakerie tasting store (behind the hive off lever street) everyone is welcome. Our friends at manchester modernist society have produced a handy guide on how to express displeasure at planning applications as well as a history of the space (i need to heed this) www.manchestermodernistsociety.org and manchester confidential have run a lovely peice on it too http://www.manchesterconfidential.co.uk/News/Library-Walk-To-Be-Gated there is a facebook group (save library walk!) and an email address savelibrarywalk@gmail.com i believe we are getting involved at the right time to make a difference to this unique space, please take 5 minutes to send an email. Thank you! with love and glimpses of a brighter sky morag x

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