Monday, 11 June 2012

Help please! Urgent Action Needed to Save Library Walk

The Save Library Walk meeting last week was very well attended and the facebook group has over 500 members in just a few days, so it is clear there are many people who do cherish this space which is very far from an accident. The campaign has been working on some really creative ideas, however we really need help now Urgent Action is Required: we were advised we had 8 weeks to object to the plans, we now learn we only have 3 - which means comments have to be in by TOMORROW 12th JUNE 2102 (insert rant about less than transparent planning proceedures here) Please log in and register your objection here: and if possible also please cc your letter to the people and places mentioned here: 099352/VO/2012/C1 | CITY COUNCIL DEVELOPMENT Erection of a glazed link between Central Lib Any support much appreciated, I am gutted that the period to rally support is so short.

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