Thursday, 15 December 2011

January's shenanigans

howdy folks
i've had a few enquiries from loiterers who have noticed januarys first sunday is, well, the first of january and so to clarify for all sorts of reasons our first sunday is shifting.

to make up for and inconvenience we have not one but two top notch events for your delight. The first ever LRM scavenger hunt will be happening on January 8th and on thursday january 26th we have a real treat. In conjunction with our friends at manchester modernist society and with a little help from steve millington at mmu we have arranged a screening of Bata-ville we are not afraid of the future.

The film night is free but tickets HAVE TO BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE to make sure there is enough room for everyone.

The link to do so is here and I have to say i am very, very excited about this happening; i've been planning it for ages (well, since i fell in love with a beautiful but delapidated building in east tilbury and discovered it was part of one mans utopian vision to shoe the world)

More details of both events soon, i hope this clears up any confusion
love and tinsel
morag xx

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