Friday, 2 December 2011

December Activity

It's the always inspiring Anarchist Bookfair Saturday 3rd December (TOMORROW) at a new venue - The People's History Museum. Loads of good stuff going on

Here's what we'll be up to: 4pm meet inside the main entrance to PHM "change life! change society! these precepts mean nothing without the production of an appropriate space" lefebvre A stroll around spinningfields looking at issues around power..., surveillance, public/private space and the construction of the neo-liberal city. How is the city designed to control and limit is and how can we resist this through" the revolution of every day life."?

Sunday is of course Decembers First Sunday; it's going to be one of our more random and whimsical game playing expeditions so don't come expecting Facts. We'll be meeting 2pm at The Britons Protection, Great Bridegewater Street and we'll be setting off by 2.20 (given the nature of this derive i have no idea where we'll end up)

Everyone is welcome to join us

glittery love
Morag xx

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