Thursday, 3 September 2009

the bench project

Things I learnt during the bench project
There are more cleaners working in piccadilly gardens than i imagined
Ditto evangalists with home made leaflets about salvation
Women were happier to talk to me but much unhappier about being photographed

Things I knew already but it was good to be reminded of
Pigeons are ace
Manchester is full of lovely people who respond to a smile
The surreal is everywhere and folk are full of interesting stories

Questions raised
About public space,surveillance and voyeurism
Am I art?
How can we fix a social care system that fails many vulnerable people

The many wonderful, random overheard quotes
Tom the free hug guy
Adele who was celebrating her MA
The portable pasty picnic table
Many inspired outfits (don't know how many were inspired by pride)
Messages from people watching the tweets unfurl - gillibobs said it was 'like watching an audio book slowly unfurl

Essentially I proved, and thoroughly enjoyed, that one can explore the city by sitting still. At the end of the day I felt elated and totally knackered but would love to do it again - any takers for a 24 hour shift?

to everyone who helped made the day so special and especially to tom, alan, sean, dale and maureen for their support, conor and all at the space is the place, and of course the pigeons for sharing their city with me

Relive the action (and see photos) at

Septembers first Sunday is going to be a timetravelling spectacular with multisensory treats... Alan and Sean are organising something truly spectacular. I'm really sorry to say I will miss it but I must be elsewhere. Watch this space for details of when/where to meet xx

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