Thursday, 27 August 2009

art shenanigans this weekend

get off the streets and onto the bench...

the lrm have been asked to participate in 'the space is the place' which is being organised by conor who some of you will recall from TRIP (and the pub!) last year.

Its rather short notice but the plan is to re-materialise the bench project for at least the duration of the gallery opening but probably 12 hours on saturday (for logistical reasons i am not up for a 24hour stint this weekend) and twitter reports and pictures so they can be exhibited in dublin in real time.

here's the blurb from last year:

The Bench Project
A day in the life of street furniture of How to Explore the City Whilst Sitting Still… Morag was trying to deal with the contradictions inherent with organising a festival of walking whilst it hurts to stand up and decided to take loitering to its limit and make a city centre bench her home for 24 hours. Well, the view is bound to be better than the telly. Please come and say hello, have some cake

i'm taking some fairy lights and cushions and a picnic and a portable blackborad to make the bench more hospitable but looking for other ways to make it more interesting,(aside from the inevitable debate about public space and surveillance) i quite fancy making it the premise for other interventions. The problem is i can't think of any.... thoughts much appreciated....

and if you arent shambala-ing/AR gathering/prideisaprotesting/climate camping/bank holidaying please stop by... its not as exciting as all those other lovely things happening on saturday - but i am dead nervous and don't just want to be a random bitter eccentric sat on a bench all day!

for the location of the bench please text 07974929589 or you can follow the action via the all new (and probably temporary) lrm twitter feed, imaginatively found under thelrm


Tom said...

hey, its the "free hugs" guy :)

couldn't find your twitter feed, but i added "thelrm" i'm tdr1991, comment me with the feed please?

thanks and hope you didn't get too wet as it rained.

morag said...

Hi Tom
it was great to meet you, ooops i am stupid - the feed was at There is a very lovely picture of you there

Hope to see you again some time
M x