Friday, 30 January 2009

geography rocks. oh no it doesn't. that's geology (boom tish)

I had an amazingly inspiring time last weekend at the Engaging Geography seminar in Newcastle, its the first in a series and I heartily commend them to you

My head is still buzzing and I have many ideas to assimilate, these are just a few of the lovely folk i met:

lots of lovely map shaped resources (i found the inaugeration wordcloud fascinating)

a low impact eco village project

hauntingly beautiful meditation on a public space

perhaps best of all was the chance to join the naughty but nice guerilla geographers on an action about ID cards, the only time in my life I have ever been confused with a cop.

It all happened at the star and shadow cinema which i have heard so much about and was not disappointed by. (my favourite door in the world, well this week anyway, is situated there) Manchester is missing a social centre!

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