Friday, 2 January 2009

The first first sunday of 2009.....

Dear friends, fiends, immortals and loiterers

I wanted resist the urge to get reflective at the end of 2008 but the zeitgeist was too potent and besides i realised it was futile claiming immunity from conventional time whilst thriving on our own monthly ritual wanderings. So i shall confess i get a glow of wonder and pride when i think of all the LRM got up to last year, thanks so much to everyone who contributed in any way.

It is even more thrilling to think of the adventures still to come and treasures to uncover as i hope we will continue to thrive in 2009. Please come and join us as we celebrate the first first Sunday of the new year in traditional LRM style - with a trip that enables us to feel like tourists in our home territory and discover the magic, mystery and mischief all around us.

Due to the twin cliches of circumstances beyond our control and popular demand the LRM expedition out of the city has been postponed for a month and instead we will be revisiting Ancoats, one of MManchester's most fascinating and historically important areas. We'll be playing games focused on change and how we can make it happen - rather appropriate given this time of resolutions (Yes, I have made one; it does concern the LRM but I'm keeping it under my very warm hat for now) - as well as what we mean by public space and how it is being transformed...

Our city is always in a state of flux and will never be complete; re/de/re/development doesn't happen by accident - it is guided by stories, imagination, ideas and ideologies - what do we contribute to this process and how can we manifest the city of our dreams? (Do we even know what we want it to look like?)

To start this great adventure please come and join the LRM this Sunday, 4th January, 2pm at Cafe Pop Oldham Street - its downstairs under the pop boutique, opposite Forbidden Planet. We'll be wandering off about 2.15 so please wrap up warm! If you're late, want a chat first or have any other queries about the event please get in touch via the LRM hotline on 07974929589.

In a lovely synchronicity my diary tells me its the 101st anniversary of William Martin of Wallsend making a successful perpetual motion machine - following 36 failed attempts and a dream involving lying naked in a wood and a big playful lion. Hmmm. Anyone able to explain this will receive a special prize, as will the best suggestion of a game to play with my new deck of Manchester themed playing cards

I hope to see you soon, in the meantime please don't loose your gloves and may 2009 brings your heart's desire

Glittery love and fancy cocktails

Morag x

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